I finally got to play with the bluetooth mouse on my 17"

Discussion in 'Wasteland' started by WilliamGates, Mar 28, 2003.

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    I could not believe it! and it was so compact! It fit so well in my hand. I was so happy about this wireless wonder; I had heard people who said they exist. I was so happy when I got it home, playing with it on my 17" Powerbook. When my girlfriend walked in the room her jaw dropped. She could not utter a sound and seemed unable to move. Then the bluetoothed mouse let out a shrill squeek, bit me and deficated and urinated on the keyboard. I think I have rabies. I don't know why people think these things are so cool. It took an hour before my girlfriend came to.

    I am so SPENT....:mad:
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    lol, i'm confused............
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    what the hell are you talking about?:confused:
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    That's one of the better posts, today.


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    somehow, i saw this coming before the end, but i still laughed my ass off. you should turn that in to an english teacher as a good stream of consciousness.
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    drugs, apple, and an internet connection dont mix buddy.
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    Re: I finally got to play with the bluetooth mouse on my 17"

    You gotta watch out for those crazy mice, many are rabid. :)
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    Especially when they get that lint in their little balls. Makes the pointer shoot everywhere. They are really ferocious then, believe you me...

    17 inches of solid aluminum
    Soon to be 786 MB DDR RAM
    So much palm real estate I need an accessory keyboard...WHEW! My back hurts from leaning!

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