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I Found Apple's Old Website!

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by beppo, Feb 4, 2008.

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    If you want to see all the old versions of Apple's website, or any other website, just use the wayback machine.
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    Sweet. They got the beautiful Powerbook G4 12-inch that they so need to make again, only as a macbook pro 12-inch.

    Nice find!
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    Check out that old-school iSight and eMac. Wow.
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    whats the "way back" machine?
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    Sherman ( boy ) and Mr. Peabody's ( dog ) time machine. Man, now I feel old.
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    "Quiet chew!"

    "But Mr. Peabody..."
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    The Wayback Machine at archive.org lets you find pages like this.

    You can read more about that cool "eMac" product at the Apple site section that beppo found, right here.
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    lolz wow nice find.

    im gonna buy me a g4 :p
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    Damn, wouldn't let me order an iSight...

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    lol. it would have been funny if you did order it, and you already had it delivered like 3 years ago and were wondering where the hell it came from (because u didnt order it (but you actually did (but you thought you didnt))).

    hhhmm too far?
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    Aww, the cutie eMac! :)

    A great computer.
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    I LOL'ed at these two:

    This graphic should be on Steve's office wall. Look at all those poor bits getting stuck in that Pentium's narrow throughput! :eek:

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    Such nostalgia, Takes me back... back to the days of OS 10.2 Twas 2003 I believe.
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    Excellent find! I've used a 12" PowerBook since the Rev. A...I read the PowerBook pages so much before I upgraded to a Rev. D.

    Go nostalgia!


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