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I found mac os 10.2 beta12 on pitbull

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by mac15, Jan 29, 2002.

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    I found mac os 10.2 beta12 on pitbull
    but the server won't let me download it

    go to find server and search 10.2
    and 2 or more options should come up

    but the file is 533mb
    looks like another CD update

    but I keep trying
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    I'll wait till the real thing releases....

    I don't play around with the OS
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    Mmm, I love to fiddle with my OS, and don't mind the occasional hack (in fact, I quite enjoy it ;)), but when it comes to installing betas from Hotline? Not really my thing...
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    I second that notion, I'll wait to get the real thing. I find it a pain to reinstall everything reset preferences if things wrong.
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    But...nice to know it's out therte and coming soon (breathing hard?)
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    10.2 beta..

    I don't know.. I've heard conflicting reports about 10.2.. one report says it's screeming fast (to imply faster than 10.1.x), and another says they're still waiting for the optimizations to show up. Other than the disclosure triangles which can disable previews in the Finder and the much earlier supposed switching of window buffer compression to the default on, I haven't heard what else Apple intends to do to the OS to make it faster.. after all, the code word "Jaguar" implies fastest beast. Just curious if anybody has any dish on it?
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    What are they going to stuff into it? How are they going to sell CD's for $19.99 to upgrade just for speed and a preview triangle !?! There must be some more features coming!
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    features? who needs features. we'll buy the upgrade like the mindless Apple slaves we are...
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    me hate windows

    i want it

    i hope it comes out soon.
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    Any chance it'll come pre-installed on the new iMac's? Or will we have to turn around and buy a $20 "upgrade" the day after we receive our "cutting edge" computers?
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    10.1 was free for me 0_o
    $0 at compusa
    no devkit CD, but I downloaded that off of apple's website so its all good :D.
    and I didnt have to wait an extra week or anything either, just had to pester the right compusa employee

    right now os X is fun to play around in, but it probably won't be able to rival os 9.1 in speed, compatability, and general usability until 10.5 or so. if you have a dp machine like me, ya X is already generally faster than 9.1 now, but they've still got a lot of work to do to clean out bugs and things....its certainly stabile and everything, just need more drivers, more UI features (windowshade! and no I don't mean shareware) and more optimization

    from the huge improvements seen between 10.0.4 and 10.1, hopefully 10.2 will be just as impressive....
  12. TEG
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    Why Pay?

    Why Pay $19.99 or $25 or what ever they will charge for this upgrade, by mail. Why not just go to your local Apple Retailer, (i.e. CompUSA, FutureShop, Circuit City, etc.) they will have it for free, and they won't take your ticket.

    -If your going to something, do it right, do it on a Mac-

    -The Day that I don't own a Mac is the day when Apple changes the Production Name-
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    Muahaha. :D

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