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I got fired... But. I'm eligible for rehire??

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by iLikeToDrum, Jul 11, 2012.

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    Wells Fargo fired me for balance/ loss exposure(long story, lotta bull..)

    The manager that fired me says I'm "eligible for rehire". Why would they fire me then? And considering those circumstances... Shouldn't I have been fired for good?

    She has a personal interest in me(Other people recognized it) and I quit playing into her about a week ago, all the sudden.. outta the blue.. I'm out my job, but.. eligible for rehire.

    I don't get this.

    Can someone kinda elaborate here for me.. Maybe some who has had manager experience/ fired people before? :confused:
  2. iJohnHenry, Jul 11, 2012
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    With a lot of reading between the lines, it's sounds like dismissal caused by rebuffed sexual harassment.

    Please define "playing into her" for the rest of us?
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    Depending on OP's answer, he may have a case with a nice settlement. I would consult a lawyer and bring with you ANY documentation you involving communication between you and your manager.
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    I would agree here. I used to work at a credit union and interoffice relationships got a few people moved/fired/force quit. It just means you can still work for wells fargo but I doubt they'll want you back at the branch/office. I'd just move on unless you feel you were fired improperly, in which case I'd go after them.
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    Man, if that's why she fired you... you've got a pretty serious case going in your favor. If she fired you because you wouldn't be "friendly" back, then dang... That's against so many rules and laws that I wouldn't know where to start.
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    Well, she would flirt w/ me a lot.. I flirted for awhile, but after I talked to some friends, I was advised to stay back, I stopped flirting all together. Was kind of a jerk in effort to get my point across.

    She's older, only a year or so, and just had a baby a few months ago with a man she doesn't want to marry. He works for the bank in another branch. Coincidental. hah

    I just feel incredibly betrayed, if she wanted me to switch branches.. I would have done that in a minute. She only needed to ask.
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    never mind. you've explained more.

    I would seek recourse if you want the job and have no adverse JOB performance reports.
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    A shrew, Do the team a large, and nail her ass to the wall.

    You never know how many guys you will save by doing so.

    IF your ass is squeaky-clean. ;)
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    Get her fired?
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    Hey man you should have humped your way to the top.

    It's worked for women all these years...turnabout is fair play.
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    Well, that would not be up to you.

    But if your charges are held true, she could at least be demoted, such that she will not be "tempted" by her position again.

    Perhaps she has reached her level of The Peter Principle?
  12. TyroneShoes2, Jul 11, 2012
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    Well, I can't really disagree with this; at the very least this person should pay for using her position to screw with her employees.

    But what is more important to you, OP? If you want to work again for WF, it seems like you could pursue this; you might even be able to kill both birds with the same stone. If your story is credible to WF HR, which is the story you would tell "I love working for WF but this manager created this problem for me at this branch, so since I am not the one at fault here can I come back and work for WF at another branch?", it would be likely something their HR would first look at regarding getting you working again, and then possibly investigating to see if there is a pattern with that manager.

    Power corrupts, and people usually revert to their base behavior, even those who tell themselves they will change. She has either done this before, or will do it again; maybe a little of both. It won't stop until someone blows the whistle. Hell, I would even play this card if I really didn't want to go back to WF, just to light that fire under HR regarding that manager. If you don't do something like this its on you. If you do, now its on Wells.

    When I hear "eligible for rehire" to me that means you start out with at least a 50/50 chance of resolving this in your favor, with everything to gain and nothing to lose by trying. And don't be afraid to push for full benis and full seniority. IOW, full reinstatement at the same pay grade. Some companies fire and then rehire at a lower rate, especially if you might seem desperate, so don't be.

    You could even take the opportunity to offer to fill a position higher than the one you had (assuming, of course, that you are qualified). Act like you can do them that as a favor to solve the musical chairs mess she created. It's unlikely you would go up in stature, but its an innocent way to let them know that you are confident in your story and that you are right, and that you consider yourself a serious, valuable employee. Go big or go home, right? Maybe that's cheeky, not your style, and a slight risk, but if I were HR and you ended your story that way, I would be more likely to be pushed off the fence in your direction.

    But regardless how you do that, its important to position yourself as "I just want to go back to work". Don't give them the impression you are just there to stick it to them or that manager. Even if you are. Position yourself as if your attitude is that all of that is water under the bridge, and that you've accepted that things happen and you've moved on. If they perceive that you may have an ax to grind they will probably circle the wagons, and then you get nothing; no job, and no justice. Presentation, and tone, are everything.

    What would really be great is you get your job back at a different branch, work hard and get promoted above her, and then transfer back into her branch. It might be worth doing just on the offhand chance that could happen. Karma's a bitch.

    And here's the other thing: if you don't get fired a couple of times in your life, that means you are not willing to take a risk or push the envelope in a positive way, and the whole reason we are here is to push the envelope; that is what evolution is all about. If you just play everything way safe all the time, you're not really contributing; you're just a nameless sheep, a faceless cipher, breathing air that belongs to the rest of us who are here to change the world. Remember, you were looking for a job when you first got that one. This too shall pass.
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    Nail her with sexual harassment. This stuff too often goes unpunished in the workplace simply because it's female on male, despite the fact that it can definitely go both ways.

    Especially since she got you literally fired from your job.

    Eff that dude.
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    There are two sides to every story. I've only read one of them here.

    Okay, maybe not my best post ever, but it gets me to within 1 post of an avatar.
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    That's funny, dude. But aren't avatars sort of 1998?

    And while your point above might be an obvious statement, it still is important not to forget that, so good post. HR will not be looking for just one side or the other. But at the moment, if they have a side on record, its hers. While everyone spins their story to their benefit, the OP has an opportunity to present his side in a way that can prejudice them in his favor, and I think he should take it. Especially since there is no down side for him at all. At a minimum, get them to give unemployment comp.

    One side or not, I don't get a sense that the OP is stretching the truth all that much; folks who know they are acting badly just don't post at all, either out of guilt or embarrassment. The OP has been pretty forthright in admitting he could have handled it differently, which makes me think he is being honest.

    The feeling I get is that the OP is still in shock, and has not really had time to digest how things got to this yet. "Why eligible for rehire" is a puzzling and interesting question, but I'm thinking that is not the real question he needs answered, and the ones he wants answered may not have even had time to form for him yet. He'll get there; our job is just to support him on that journey.
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    TyroneShoes2, thank you for all you have said. It's really eased things on me. Quiet inspiring!

    I am not going to be bitter or petty, I just want my job. Great company, Great gig. I just feel super taken and cheated. This should not have happened.
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    Very often, "eligible for rehire" is the difference between "fired" and "laid off" in the eyes of a future employer or unemployment agency.

    If you were fired for cause, the employer (when asked to verify your employment with them, either as a reference or for unemployment) might say you're not eligible for rehire. It's a way for them to say "this guy is a terrible employee so we fired him" without saying that. Pretty much a CYA move on their part.

    "Eligible for rehire" doesn't necessarily mean they want to hire you back, or that they even would - just that you're not a terrible employee, you should be eligible for unemployment, and they won't give you a bad reference to a future employer.
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    Well, I officially have an interview with them early next week.

    I'm finding this to be the weirdest situation ever.

    But hey, Steve Jobs was fired and rehired. Anything is possible ;)

    I don't know what to say when they ask why I was fired.. I don't wanna over sale my self by saying "I don't know. I was first in sales in the branch, perfect attendance. %100 customer satisfaction". I'm fairly certain that would make me as a person look bad(why would they fire the ideal teller).

    Or make them nervous by just saying "I don't know why". Of course I know why... :rolleyes:

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I still have a good shot at this. I think. :confused:

    Regardless, I'm not fighting my termination just yet. We'll see if I get my job back and I'll take it from there.
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    "eligible for rehire" here normally is for someone under a contract to do something specific, like working from september to april. It said they don't have any contract for me right now, but next time they have something they'll call me... Like tomorrow said it's for the unemployment center.
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    What do you mean "here"??
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    Sounds to me like you are setting yourself up to just roll over and take it.

    Take a letter with you, citing inappropriate activity from your previous supervisor.

    Do you have a letter of reference yet? If not, get one now, outlining the performance you alluded to.

    Time to bet, or fold.
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    I think that you've provided some good advice, but I lost you at your last condescending paragraph. I've worked in healthcare for more than 30 years, and I know many people who've made significant contributions to medical science and provision of care ("pushed the envelope" as you say) without ever having being fired from a job. It's often better - and more challenging - to change the system by working it from within. And the next time you come across an air-breathing sheep who does something for you in their line of work, be sure to tell them how they're not really contributing.

    If I were the OP, I wouldn't want to go back to work under the same supervisor, unless something about that particular position/location was sufficiently compelling. In speaking with HR, I would be forthright and calm in describing what took place. Most businesses have written policies regarding inter-employee relationships and conduct, and it sounds as if the manager violated them. If the HR people are savvy, they'll offer an equivalent or higher position at another branch.
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    Québec, Canada
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    I wanna go back to being a teller because I really liked the position. Paid time off(19 days paid in my first year!), Good benefits, fun job, way better than working fast food.

    A bit better pay as well. Pretty much the reasons we all enjoy our jobs. I really liked working for Wells period, though.

    I am not looking to get back into my specific branch, just my position.
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    Hi how soon after being terminated did you reapply? I was also terminated from Wells Fargo in May, and am "eligible for rehire".
    Also, when you reapplied did u state in the application that you were previously employed by them and that you got terminated?

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