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I got it wet!

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Apple2, Dec 13, 2011.

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    So... How to start...

    God I feel like the daily idiot.

    Well, here it goes. I had a bloody nose, and dripped some blood on my MBA. Then, when I came back about 15 min later, the blood had dried on the keyboard. Using the only thing I had around (Whiteboard cleaner from the conference room), I sprayed it on the MBA and wiped it off. Then half the keys stopped working. When I closed the clamshell, the computer turned on even when off.

    A couple of hours later, I had succeeded in drying the MBA. However, when I press the M key, it types MB. Same with the B key. The same thing happens with other keys as well. So, do you guys think I should keep trying to dry it, or do you think the computer's fried and I should get a new one?
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    Don't think is fried take it to, Apple Store to see what they have to say about it doubt they can do anything for you since it was your mistake
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    Just take it to the Apple store, you don't need to go out and buy a brand new MBA, jeez.
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    Is it a work machine? If so I would make sure that you have a good recent backup and turn it over to the IT group responsible and ( donuts always help ) explain nicely what you did.

    If one wants to wipe off the top of a macbook air keyboard I would go for a really soft towel that is "just slightly damp" ( with h20 and distilled if available ) in some small spots. When I say just slightly damp I mean that no drops of water whatsoever would come off.

    If not a work machine and it is under coverage still I would take it into an apple store if one is close.

    Then you have 2 alternative ways to proceed at an apple store.

    One way is to be completely honest and explain what you did to get to where you are currently.

    The other way is to just give limited information such as these keys are not working correctly can you please fix it?

    Many people here would say that the first approach is the only ethical approach but being honest apple does put in liquid sensors into their machines for a reason and they will usually tell you when/if the sensors have been triggered by "abuse".

    In the meantime using an external usb keyboard and/or mouse might work well for you.
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    No, but the cost of repair may be close to a new machine. The logic boards are $750ish I think.
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    True. That's what I was quoted to fix a 2010 MacBook Air. However, they replaced the logic board, lower case, and some other components (Apple ultimately waived the charges). If it's just the keyboard that need replacing, it might be about half that.

    Since the top isn't used for venting, it would be nice if Apple could make the keyboard water resistant, the way some other manufacturers do.
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    Surely if the logic board replacing, there would be a hell of a lot more problems than just the M and B keys (or whatever it ) was sticking?
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    Nope, if you're hitting M and getting MB in return, that tells me it could possibly be a part of the logic board and therefore, the entire board needs to go. You need to have it looked at by Apple.
  9. AdrianK, Dec 14, 2011
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    I'd like to hear the rationale behind that.

    Surely that's more likely to be an issue with the membrane under the keys, possibly a short. I don't see how an issue with the logic board could cause that effect.
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    Sorry, but I think you are wrong. If the logic board is gone, you would notice alot more than just two keys malfunctioning. You would see some pretty big malfunctions, such as display errors, random crashes, boot failures and just general strange noises.

    I think its likely to be a problem with the keyboard.
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    Yeh I agree although liquid might have gone through til the logic board and damaged it, well take it to the store and update us!
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    This is definitely your blood not fully dry messing with the keyboard. The best way to know for sure is to connect a USB keyboard. It's gonna be a pain to pull your MBA apart, but it won't cost near as much as a new logic board.
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    Oh goodness.. whiteboard cleaner?

    It's a problem with the keyboard at the very least. There's some chance that chemicals got on the logic board as well... as the residue begins to corrode and oxidize you'll start to get other problems.

    Though I've seen computers with rather severe liquid damage that have been working for weeks, months, years... and since I don't know the subtle intricacies of a logic board, this fact astounds me.
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    Always amazed that there are people who believe that anything liquid is ok to spray on a computer.
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    I'm taking it into the Apple store tonight. We'll see what happens!
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    Apple wanted $1190 for a new logic board in my MBP 13" base.
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    That's been a major failure on Apple's part. They installed a way to detect water damage, yet nothing to help prevent it. Anyway don't scare the OP. I don't think spraying it was a good idea, especially if it was turned on, but if anything he/she probably has a broken keyboard at the very worst. We're talking a few drops from a bloody nose, not a significant amount of liquid from a spill. I feel sorry for the OP :(

    Anyway I'd suggest taking it in before further use.

    Bah that is absolutely asinine that they would ask that much.
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    tier 4 replacement (logic board + other stuff) is $755+tax or so for the 2011 11" mba. I know because I had to pay it lol
  19. steviem, Dec 15, 2011
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    I think actually, the problem was spraying stuff directly on the keyboard...

    And remember, computers are like Gremlins. Don't get them wet and don't feed them after midnight...
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    How do you feed a computer? :confused::confused::confused:
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    I had a worse problem. Ok, it was not my Air but a Dell laptop for work. I bought a can of beer on the way home from work, stuffed the can in my computer bag. It was rather tight fit in the bag, and somehow it was punctured. As I was walking home, I was commenting about the strange smell of beer then I realized my bag was dripping! :(

    So I got back home and the Dell was soaked. A full 12oz seeped down sideways and penetrated the whole machine. I thought it was doomed, but I let it dry out for one day, and fired it up. Lots of strange behaviour for a while (random crashes, slow starts, blue screen of death), but after two weeks of use, it eventually dried out and its all back to normal!:D
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    That suggests to me the key matrix in the keyboard assembly is faulty. Multiple tracks are making contact when only one key is pressed. I can't see the logic board being at fault for this issue, the keyboard connects into the logic board via the USB controller and it's more likely that the keyboard would cease to function correctly in its entirety (or have a severely scrambled signal) if this were the case, not just across a couple of keys.
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    Whiteboard cleaner??


    The whiteboard cleaner we've got in our office is really noxious stuff. Almost definitely solvent-based -- spray too much in an enclosed space and you'll be leaving the room giggling with a headache and tunnel vision.

    Definitely not the sort of thing you'd ever want to spray on a computer!

    Not wishing to sound like I'm closing the stable door after the horse has bolted, but for future reference, a very slightly damp (with regular water) cloth would be all you need to clean a keyboard.

    Now, if it were a regular liquid, I'd suggest just leaving the Mac overnight somewhere warm for any residual moisture to evaporate. But if the liquid in question is at all solvent-based, you'll need to get the machine looked at ASAP since the damage could be happening over time.

    Still, you live and learn, eh? :)
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    It must have been drunk. :D

    Did you have it checked out? If there is any residue on the logic board, it could eventually cause issues. Perhaps it could be professionally cleaned.
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    There, fixed it for you. :p

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