I got this old iMac G3...

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by TSE, Oct 3, 2007.

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    My teacher recently has given me an old Blue iMac G3... I am not sure what generation, but he said it stopped working one day out of the blue and he took the hard drive and just ditched it. I have another iMac G3 Lime tray-loading one, and was wondering:

    A) Is the Hard Drive in the lime iMac G3 compatible?

    B) Any ideas on whats wrong?

    C) Is there a way to connect a firewire cable from my MacBook to the iMac to start it up? Or how do I fix this?

    I am getting it on Friday, but I want to have a headstart quick.
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    A. Any IDE hard drive under 128 GB will work properly.

    B. Stopped working isn't very detailed

    C. The iMac needs to have FireWire ports (e.g. slot loading as well) and have its firmware already updated to support Target Disk Mode.
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    I will see what I can do. Does Best Buy or Circuit City sell any of the drives needed for an iMac G3?

    And if I don't get this to work, can I just scrape the memory atleast and put it in my previous iMac G3, the lime one only has 64 MBs.
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    As I said any IDE hard drive under 128 GB will work properly.

    I'm going to need a little more information about the iMac you're trying to fix.
  5. TSE
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    Okay, I will give you more info on it when I receive it either tomorrow or Friday. Thanks!
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    This should help you.
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    Alright, well I recieved the imac, and it didn't come with a Hard Drive, and the two ram sticks were seperate (One is a kingston, don't know the specs, and the other one says PC133 128 MB.) And while putting in the ram, one of the clicky things that keep the ram sticks on fell off! Not a good start! I manage to still put in the ram, not knowing if they are upside down of not. I than try to atleast turn the thing on with hard drive or not, and all it does is give faint clicky sounds, but no light. This is not a good sign... I than thought of a brilliant idea, I tried to take out my iMac G3 333 MHZ Hard Drive, but one of the screws to it looks like it has been through a shredder! The part where you put in the end of the screwdriver in is completely worn out to the point where it has no grip. I tried for over an hour with different screwdrivers to no avail.

    Not a good start! Any ideas?
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    Alright, well, this morning I got the light to turn on, and it turns on green, monitor still not on, so I put in a OS 9 disk hopefully to boot off of OS 9...

    The drive lets me put in the disk, and I try to press and hold down c. The green light keeps getting dimmer, than it keeps on just shutting down.

    Bad power supply?
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    its not gonna do anything with no hard drive in it
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    I added the 6 GB Hard Drive from my old iMac 333 mhz running OS 9.2.2.

    It does the same thing over and over, it won't spit out my OS 9 disk either. I am thinking maybe it is a bad power supply?

    Does the iMac 333 MHZ use the same power supply as this iMac?
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    start it up in startup-disk mode (hold option when the power button is hit) if the HD is good and 9.2.2 is recognized, you can select to boot from it. You should also be able to eject the CD when at the startup disk selection screen.

    don't know about the power supply
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    thanks for the fast reply.

    I tried holding down option, but again, the light turns on, but nothing else. No noises or anything.
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  14. TSE
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    Nothing new happened ;(
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    I use to work with these in my classroom. The first thing I'd do is replace the battery. It is a simple, cheap fix (you can even just swap over the one from your lime) and rules out one thing. It'd really suck to spend hours on it to discover the battery was toast...

    Also, maybe I missed it, but is this a slot load imac or a tray load? I know your lime is tray load. I'm assuming slot load because you didn't talk about ripping it apart to put ram in and the tray loads are a pain for lower slot ram if I remember right. Also, if you check the notch on the ram, you can't install it unless it is facing the right direction. If it is snapped in, you have it right.
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    I have come to a 90% conclusion it is a power supply problem. I will try swapping the PRAM battery quick though.

    If it doesn't work, anyone know where I can get a power supply for one of these slot loading? Or can I just swap power supplies?

    Thanks for your help everyone!
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    you can pick one of these up (the computer) in working condition off craigslist for about $50. Unless you really want the joy of fixing the sucker, I wouldn't spend much on it, and I suspect the ps will run you more than $50.

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