I guess I have to buy a Screensaverz for my Powerbook...

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by crazydreaming, Sep 23, 2005.

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    My 15" Powerbook is a little over a month old, and is already showing Keyboard marks imprinting the screen.

    I carry my Powerbook with me everyday, so I guess if I want to prevent this I'll have to get one of Radtech's Powersleevz. I here they are a good solution. Plus, I'm thinking I'll be able to use it to brush off the dust that seems to accumulate on my screen daily.

    I just hope I can fix the damage that is already done :(
  2. iDM
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    I use a cut up T-shirt and works fine for me!
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    That's an idea I guess :rolleyes:
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    hm, i have a 15" powerbook and i have never seen a single keyboard mark on my screen. i carry my powerbook with me everywhere as well.
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    I'm on the Radtech site, and it appears that they don't make the Screensaverz for the 15" PB that say "Powerbook". However I've seen people with this model...

    Anyone know where I can get one with "Powerbook". I know it sounds silly, but I really don't want to advertise "Radtech"!
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    That's STRANGE because it SOULD be availalbe. Call them up, maybe they are missing it by accdent on the list. Or order it by phone to be sure. Click on contact us at the bottom of their site.
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    Ordered it, I ended up getting the one I wanted off Ebay for slightly less.

    Now, my screen is dirty and it has the keyboard marks, what can I do to clean it in the meantime? In the past I've used a damp paper towel. Is that OK?
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    I've found a damp lint-free cloth (like a glasses-cleaning cloth) is the best for cleaning off not just the screen, but the entire body of the PowerBook as well.
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    iKlear is the best. NO PAPERTOWELS, they scratch!!!
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    I have a screensavers for my powerbook and i use that Omincleanz once a week to clean everything (computers, displays and iPods)
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    I thought the powerbook one was like driving a car and the silly license plate frame says the make of the car. so I got a blank one, it doesn't say radtech anywhere on it.
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    I just ordered a ShaggyMac cover for my PowerBook, seems to be the same thing as the Screensaverz. It's cheaper, plus, I didn't have to pay sales tax on it as I would with Radtech since they're based in the state I live, so even more savings. http://www.shaggymac.com is the site address I believe, it may be worth checking out.
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    Make sure you clean your keyboard as well, as this is the real reason (well most likely dirty fingers) as the greasy keys transfer the junk to the screen when closed (the shammy, shirt etc. just prevents the contact).
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    Send it back! There is no reason this should be happening, nor is there a reason we should conform to this! Hello?! These are top-dollar computers! I know I wouldn't be buying sh*t if this happened to me, and you bet apple would hear from me.
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    I also have a 15" PB and only had it for a few months and it started getting marks on the screen. They were straight vertical marks but they were close together - closer then the size of a key on the keyboard - weird? Anyway I bought some iKlear and it cleans it off. I think it is just oil from my fingers because it reappears. When it reappears I just clean it again with iKlear. I clean my screen once a week with iKlear. I recommend u do the same. Getting a radtech sleeve is a good idea - i should get one too.

    Don;t worry I didn't get around to cleaning the marks off my screen for about 3-4 months. When I did buy some iKlear it worked a treat!
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    I ordered a black one with the X logo...it should be here next week. I have to get some cleaner next. This stupid lady at the coffee shop tonight decided she would sit next to me and start asking me to look up directions for here as she felt the need to touch my screen with her finger. o_O :mad: I promptly told to please not do that....plus her breath smelled like dragon breath! Luckily for me I found her dumb address pretty quick.
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    Personally I use the foam sheet that came in the original packaging. If you've kept your packaging (which is always a good idea for when you eventually want to sell) I'd suggest doing the same, it's a hell of a lot cheaper than buying a 3rd party product.
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    i use the foam as well. don't want to spend money on something that was actually included ;)
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    Radtech works great for me - year+ now. Good for protecting the screen and wiping it down.
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    The good things about Radtech Screensaverz are they are so thin and scratch-free. I have 3 of them for my 15" PB, 12" PB, and 12" iBook. I can use iSkin and Screensaverz at the same time when I close my iBook so that I can keep the screen free from oil/dirt while saving me a trouble putting on and off iSkin. I could not do this with my 15" PB (which is okay because it is basically at home all the time). The more you touch your screen, the more likely you will scratch your screen. So, the best way is to prevent oil from sticking to your screen from the beginning.
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    whats wrong with it? :confused:
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    Thanks Guys.

    So you can use it to wipe down the screen when dry, but for actually cleaning the screen, instead of dampening the screensavrz I should get iKlear?
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    Ok, just got the Screensavrz today and WOW this thing rocks!

    My powerbook and the screen has never been so clean. And it's nice to know that I have the cloth with me all the time to keep it that way!

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