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I had Lion DMG on USB, installed the Lion Recovery Disk Assistant :(

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by BigB82, Aug 8, 2011.

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    I had Lion dmg on a usb and than today I saw the new tool that came out and put it on the same usb. needless to say my lion install looks ilke its gone, no big deal there but I am curious what is the difference for those of who have a full lion dmg on a thumb drive vs that recovery disk assistant? i don't get what that is suppose to do? someone care to explain please?

    Also when 10.7.1 comes out suppose, how do I burn a dmg of that considering it will be just an upgrade file? thanks
  2. gr8tfly, Aug 8, 2011
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    I believe (haven't used it myself) it creates the Recovery HD. It's a hidden partition, accessed by restarting with cmd-R or opt then selecting it. It only contains utilities, including the ability to restore from Time Machine or reinstall Lion (which would need to be downloaded).

    The full install DMG boots by starting up with opt and selecting it, or setting it in Startup Disk. It contains all the utilities of he Recovery HD, but has Lion included in the DMG - it doesn't need to download it.

    Edit: I just occurred to me you can just restore your full Lion DMG back onto the USB stick. As long as you don't repartition it, the Recovery HD partition won't be affected by anything you do with the main partition. Of course, doing that makes the Recovery HD redundant... Ah well, Live and learn :)

    It's too bad Apple's tool erases the device you wish to install the Recovery HD on. I know using diskutil from the command line, it can be added by resizing the original partition and creating the small 650MB partition in the new freespace. Resizing wouldn't erase anything on the original partition.

    Seems like Apple could have done the same, though what they did was simpler and doesn't require the original partition to have unused space at the end of its allocation.

    If 10.7.1 comes out as a delta (which it most likely will be), then I imagine installing Lion wouldn't be any different than previous OSs - you would have to install the .0 version first, then update it.
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    Thanks, so in an essence I am better off having that full dmg than this new file they came out with right?

    Also you lost me on the 107.1 part, for example I am running lion, is there a way for me to get the actual DMG again for the new upgraded lion or not really? I say this more cause of the NEW AIR i just ordered n considering the DMG is useless for that cause its a newer version lol
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    Good question. There might be a period of time where the special build would be download only. I imagine, there would have to be a way for new upgrades to Lion to get a full 10.7.1. I'm just making educated guesses. Perhaps a developer has a better idea of how that might handles.

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