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i hate this forum!

Discussion in 'iPod' started by LeeM, Feb 10, 2013.

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    was reading through the collectors thread on here, and just dug out my 4th gen to refurb it with a new battery and hard drive, and then bought a 3rd gen and 6th gen off ebay.
    im also watching a couple of 2nd gens on ebay lol! this is gonna get expensive quickly...
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    We hate u too
    Nah, we don't. Enjoy your iPods! :cool:
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    haha i will! my 3rd gen cost me £3.99 :D needs a new hard drive and battery but that will be £25
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    actually ive just realised ive been listening to bob dylan and reading the steve jobs biography. thats definitley not got anything to do with me buying ipods...
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    Hahaha...know the feeling! When I think about selling my iPods, I always listen to "The Perfect Thing" by Steven Levy... ;)
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    The eBay seller I got my 6th gen from has "lost" it. Should have expected it tbh, was listed wrong with no reserve and I won it for £40 so should have known it would never show. Back on the hunt for a well priced one
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    Did you get your money back?

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