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I hate this weirdness!

Discussion in 'Community' started by The Muffin Man, Aug 3, 2004.

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    I find this weird: I'm really bored and I should be getting in bed, but I'm too lazy to do so. It sounds weird: too lazy to sleep. This is possible, though. If I could just climb in bed, that would be one thing, but I have to get up, go to the bathroom, brush my teeth, wash my face, etc. What's worse is that I'm about to ask for advice on what to do since I'm bored, but the real solution would be to just go to sleep, which I'm too lazy to do. So here I go: what should I do to pass time? If I don't follow such advice tonight, it can be used by anyone for future reference.
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    Before I got my Powerbook and Airport, I would fall asleep at the desk of my Compaq. That's always what told me when it's time to drag myself into the bathroom and get ready for bed.
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    Heh, I know what you mean. I sit in front of the the laptop and know that I'm tired, but couldn't be stuffed getting ready for bed.

    You could:

    a) Write a blog and put something interesting in it, stuff that people would want to read. Or read other people's blogs.

    b) Do origami

    c) Read and if you want, contribute to Wikipedia

    d) Play online games at Yahoo or something. There are plenty there if you are very very bored.

    And yeah, that's all I can think of for now. Hmm.....b) is very random. :)
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    If you want a great flash game that'll drive you to insanity, try lighting break. It was good enough to make me kill my BT mouse on level 18, then switch to the trackpad for the next three days to get to level 25.

    It'll be something to do in the time you should be sleeping.
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    Thanks for the recommendations, but some things are impossible for me. Blogs bore me to DEATH. I can't stand reading them, and my attempt at bloggage writing sorta failed. Origami is hard for me. I don't know enough to contribute to Wikipedia. Yahoo games just seem so unappetizing to me. It's sad, I know. I think I'll just watch TV for no reason. I hate TV, but its just so addictive. Similar to that I hate cars, but they're so easy! Just hop in and you end up where you want to so quickly, versus the cheaper and more environmentally friendly options like bus, train, bike, walk, etc. It's tragic how lazy we are. "In Brazil, we walked EBRYWHERE". Just quoting someone I know ;)
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    go learn a programing language
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    Actually, I was bored last year (like, long term), so I learned HTML and CSS. I maintained a website for over a year on which I displayed my photography, but since this April I have neglected it. I would say that it's sad that I stopped posting, but I've really just moved on and my interests are elsewhere. C++ or whatever those things are just look too hard to me, and not worthwhile. Thanks again for the suggestions, but I'm just too good at thinking of excuses for not doing any certain thing.
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    I'm cold. I really need to sleep. Let's see if I do.
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    Jesus, after 11, the hours seem to fly by.
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    That they do. Solitaire I find is a good something to kill time.
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    i kinda have the same problem ... but for different reasons. I've difficulty getting myself to go to sleep even though I'm an adult. I'm not lazy ... I don't think haha ... I think perhaps it's something of a bad habit. Perhaps from all those late nights I did in high school and college. Now I'm working.

    If I can get away from the computer, it's definitely a step for me. Try setting a schedule. like 10:30 pm shower, 10:40 pm brush teeth ... 10:45 pm in bed. 11 pm asleep. I know it sounds ridiculous and silly but it's a series of steps to get yourself into bed. Sometimes reading a book will help or writing in a journal. Remember to take the time to pick out a good book before you invest your time into it.
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    Sleep for me is something to do when there is nothing else to do.
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    Well, you could stay up for a week or so, and then lose your mind. After that, you won't really have to worry about what to do, because the nice men in the white coats will help you out with that. :D
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    i find that reading very technical stuff, like mueller's computer repair book, can get very tedious if not actually working on a computer/project and it always puts me to sleep...do you have problems sleeping?

    try reading about the history of processors in the mid-90s and the increasing levels of level 2 cache or try and memorize the names of all the pins poking out of a pentium II chip...either you will fall asleep or you will know more than anyone alive on a useless topic ;)

    you can also memorize every way you can arrange 0s and 1s in a 64 bit length string...people actually did stuff like that in cs programs years ago...one person i know of memorized the java library...there's plenty of tedious tasks out here that can make you sleep
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    First of all, start by drinking a gallon of Gatorade per day, I can tell you are low in vitamins and that slow you down, trust me. When you have some energy your brain works very different you will see.

    Every morning I use to drink at list one cup of regular smal coffee to bust a bit, then my mind find things to do.

    Your body is not tired, that is why you can't sleep, but you do not have anough energy because of your diet.

    Try eating at list 3 bananas in a row, they will give you a potasioum bust and you will tell the difference in your mood. Then you will find something interesting to do.

    If you keep like that you may fall in to some silly senseless depression though.
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    Ditch all the other crap and just climb in bed. If you're sufficiently bothered by not having done all that, then you'll get up and do it; otherwise, you're asleep. Problem solved, either way.

    Or, alternatively, put your head down on your desk and see if you can sleep there. If so, you're all set; if not, the frustration will build up and give you the motivation you need to get yourself properly to bed.
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    try crapping your pants... that should motivate you.

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    I seem to have the same problem...right now... I'm just randomly reading forums which bores me to death... too lazy...nooo
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    I couldn't agree more. This used to happen to me a lot when I was in a depression, because I wasn't eating enough. It appears you are starting to imbalance your body from your mind and diet has everything to do with it; it's already affecting your energy level and sleep patterns.

    When this happens, and you don't want to get ready for bed because it's too much work, grab a bite to eat; maybe keep something there when you do have the energy to retrieve it. That way you won't have to get up to grab it.

    Try granola bars, candy bars, cheese and crackers, fruit, chips, beer, wine, etc. It's a good idea to steer clear from caffeine though. Most likely the food will boost your blood sugar and you will either get up and do something constructive, or get up and get ready for bed.

    Try it.
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    Apple Hobo


    Just consume some of the above quality beverages before bed. Guaranteed to make you sleep a long time! :eek:
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    if you want to make those after-11pm hours a lot less interesting, get a nighttime job.

    or just plow through and fall asleep in the middle of whatever you're doing, like i do. :D
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    hey apple hobo, what is the "night train express?" It looks like vermouth. Let me know! Thanks.
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    Apple Hobo

    Nope, it's not vermouth. Read all about it at http://www.bumwine.com/. The descriptions on this site are pretty funny. :D
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    And now that you have a Powerbook and Airport, you just bring your PB to bed with you and surf from there, right? :p
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