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Discussion in 'Wasteland' started by corriewf, May 26, 2010.

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    Ok, this is a quick question. Went to an Apple store today to interrogate the Apple employees with my amazing humor. Gosh those Apple stores are busy. The rest of the mall was dead, but Apple store looked like an 1800s house of prostitution. Anyway, asked the Apple "genius" if they had any iPads ( I knew the answer already ) and he said no. He said their store only gets iPads from customers that "preregister".. Something to that extent. I was a tad confused on this, but used their computer to login into my Itunes account and I guess order one? He said I would get an email when my Ipad comes to the store so I can pick it up. My question is, what the hell did I do? I can seem to replicate the process on Apple's website. I didn't pay for anything. Am I going to get an iPad or is he downloading all kinds of apps with my iTunes account as we speak?

    He said I didn't have to buy it when it comes. I figured I would order it anyway, that way it will give them some stock if I change my mind. :D
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    You put your name on a waiting list.
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    Great, so how long has this waiting list been taking normally?
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    Until it's your turn.
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    Surely you must be kidding. Sorry, didn't mean to call you surely. ( Airplane joke )

    I did a wifi iPad versus a 3G. Think it will be faster than ordering an iPad via the store on apple's website?
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    OK, Shirley.
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    It's really hard to say. It really depends on how many people are ahead of you and how many units gets shipped to that store.

    I would guess that ordering it from the site with expedited shipping would get it to you faster.
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    Apple is running something called "notify me" on the iPad. They will notify you when one reserved for you is in the store. You have that date to pick it up or it goes to general stock or rather to the next person on the list.
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    Hmm, so the website is faster huh? Interesting. I would have thought the store would be faster.
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    Hard to say... Right now Apple's site is showing a 7-10 day ship time.
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    Yeeeup. I am thinking maybe the fact that I want the wifi only version, that might help. I would think that mainly the 3G version would be the most backordered. What do you think.....surely. :D
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    The humor in this thread is overwhelming
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    I hope you didn't pee yourself laughing....Want an iPad for the mess?

    WOWZERRRS that was cheesy! :p
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    I agree, I haven't heard anyone roll out that "surely" joke since they made the slow kid do it at a school play I went to.
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    The humor in this thread isn't anywhere near the humor on the front page of my local newspaper this morning. The title, "firefighter saves turtle from burning building". Front page. THIS is front page news nowadays? Wow...

    Anyway, to the OP, the availability time really depends on how high of a volume is your store. Is it in a very populated region, near or in very large cities, or is it a lower volume store. My local store for example is a lower volume store, and they have iPads in stock, no waiting list necessary. Also depends on how many people have ordered before you and how many get shipped to the store and how often. It's impossible to know exactly how long your wait time will be. If your store is in a very populated area and is very high volume, I would say order an iPad from apple.com, that gives your store roughly 7-10 days to get yours in. And if it does not come in by the time your iPad ships from apple.com, you would really only have a 2 day wait after shipping. And if you happened to get one in store before your iPad order ships from apple.com, it is simple and easy to just cancel the online order. It's a win-win situation really.
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    Mike? Mike is that you? It's ME! :rolleyes:
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    Yeah, but does the online store charge my card for the iPad I order? I would hate to have in this situation 1200 hitting my account while I am waiting on 600 to credit my account. Thanks for your help. ;)
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    You DON'T set up your own jokes! That's almost as bad as setting yourself up for 'that's what she said'...

    I chose the wrong day to quit cocaine!
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    Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit drinking.
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    Damn....I picked the wrong week to give up pornography!
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    Wow, what a big guy you are...

    That's what she said. :p
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    Ever seen a grown man naked before?

    Ever touched a man's iPad before Joey?
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    No. It's a waiting list. It's like when you make a reservation at a restaurant. Does the restaurant charge you for your dinner when they put you down for a table for 1 at 8pm on a Saturday night?:D

    For everyone's enjoyment:

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