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I have finally made the switch!

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by ronni3, Jan 9, 2007.

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    Today, after the keynote, I placed an order for a Mac Pro. The specs are as follows:

    2.66GHz Quad
    2GB Ram
    X1900 XT
    Apple Extreme & BT
    250GB HDD

    Now all I have to do is sit back and wait for it to come. Geez, this is the hardest part!!! :D
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    Congratulations. I have the exact same spec. You'll love it.
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    Just about to do the same, though I'm probably going to buy a stock config from amazon. This'll be pretty cool since I've got all these HD's sitting around from my just sold PowerMac, I'm going to have 1TB :eek: of storage. That's obscene, really. 3 years ago I only had a 10GB HD!

    Shame that OWC ram thing didn't work out.

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    congrats on the purchase, man.
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    I got a great deal too. I joined the Student ADC program and damn isn't it great to get a 20% discount on that Mac Pro. Hell no would I have ever been able to afford the regular price of this setup.
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    Tomorrow is the big day! It should arrive sometime in the afternoon. Man, I just can't wait. :D
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    Mine is the same spec but except with only 1GB of RAM. Does having 2GB of RAM make that much of a big different?
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    Mine has had 1 gb of RAM, and I really want to upgrade now....I run out of RAM all the time. But I can't afford to buy a second gig right now so I will have to wait. I run out of ram all the time...I am not even a "pro" user......:D
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    Me too. I'm really hope Apple Ram price would drop. It is ways too expensive right now. There is 3rd aftermarket one, but I'm still skeptical. Especially when it comes to Ram. I hope with all the competition aftermarket Ram out there, maybe Apple will drop the price. Doesn't look like it though :( .
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    I don't mind buying third party both those prices are still kinda expensive.
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    Macintosh Sauce

    I got only 1 GB RAM too so I could afford the 3.00 GHz configuration. Get memory from these guys! I highly recommend them and I have been a customer of theirs for years. All the RAM I have ever purchased from them still works to this day.


    Their RAM is much cheaper than Crucial and just as good. Plus their heatsinks are the best on the market.
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    Teh Don Ditty

    congrats with the purchase! Let us know when you get it!
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    Well I got it today, but unfortunately I was called into work and I have classes tonight, so I don't expect to be able to play with this thing until sometime in the late evening. :( But either way, I am happy that it has made it home.

    Are there any tests I should perform?
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    Yes, it come with Mac OS X Install disk. You can use it to startup to perform hardware test. Also, try Techtool Pro if you have it to run a test.
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    Are you running Safari?

    Safari has massive memory leak problems and I find you have to quit and restart it every few hours otherwise your machine grinds to a hault.
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    Yes I do use Safari. I even quit it once in awhile to try help with that problem. But I still run out of RAM.
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    Macintosh Sauce

    Congratulations on your purchase! Woohoo! :)
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    Isnt it strange how no-one is switching the other way :p

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