I have the inferior LG screen and I love it

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by TinyHulk, Aug 5, 2011.

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    I have bought the MacBook Air and I love it.

    Only since yesterday I found out people here return their newly bought Air because it did not have a Samsung screen or Samsung SSD.

    I dont know about the speed difference when comparing the Toshiba SSD and Samsung SSD.. so I'm not going to discuss this.

    But the LG screen? Its perfect. I must admit the 2006 MacBook screen was horrible but this screen is crystal clear.

    I do not see the point of returning your Air just because it has an "inferior" LG screen.

    I enjoy watching movies and porn because every viewing angle its just perfect.

    I wish people would stop spreading this complaint.
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    people are always going to complain about everything.

    i have never used the LG screen so i wouldn't really know if samsung screen > LG screen.

    but porn is best watched on a 3d projector :p
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    Most people don't even know there're 2 different panels or SSD used on the Macbook Air. People buy MBA because of the design.

    I'm coming from PC world until I bought the MBA recently (2010 model). In the PC world (at least people around me) people will actually just buy it and use it, even those premium priced machines like VAIO Z which is double of the price of MBA. Yet I seldom hear people discussing about which panels or HDD/SSD used in the machine. Just enjoy the machine?:confused:

    PS: I must admit I fell into this syndrome thing but after all, it gets the job done in the end so I'm happy nonetheless.
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    My 13" has got an LG screen and I have to say it looks perfectly fine to me! I'm more than happy with it.

    Now, if I can just sort out the WiFi wrinkles I'm getting, then I'll truly be a happy camper! :)
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    Lord Appleseed

    You should have put the word inferior between these ' '.
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    No - it looks blue.
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    It`s kind of funny really, if there was a vast difference between the LG & Samsung display`s Apple would have picked other suppliers, it`s not like they dont have any other options, given Apples "economy of scale"

    Sure the display lacks the fidelity provided by the MacBook Pro`s, then again my 4.1 15 inch 2.4GHz is almost twice the machine in all the wrong ways :)

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    Cheffy Dave

    According to ANAND TECH, there is NO difference:cool:
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    I have an IPS dell monitor attached to my Mac Pro and this looks better on my LG screen than my dell monitor. I am using a hardware calibrated profile attached with this.

    With other display profiles it did not look as good.

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    Thanks for lecturing me.
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    Andatech did say the LG screen had better whites. I guess to each its own. But I think they both look good. I've seen some Samsung screens that look yellowish. Some LG seem to look natural. Just my opinion.
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    I luckily have a Samsung SSD on my MacBookAir 13" i5. I know that they were shipping with Samsung and Toshiba, but I never knew that they had different displays. What are the 2 different displays? How do you check which display you have? Which one is better? How is it better?
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    I have the 13in i5 256G SSD and this looks purple on about the 1/3 to 1/2 from the bottom of my screen. I calibrated my screen using the latest colormunki display from xrite. I know that one is not defective because I calibrated all my other computers with that one.
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    Did u use the profile u attached to look at it? Cuz I'm using default color LCD profile and it looks a purple from the bottom, it turns all purple when I stand up and look down towards the screen
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    I am using the profile I attached and it looks fine. I also feel that either the screen needed some time to break-in or I got used to it more. Initially it was not as good given that I am used to 24" iMac at home and dual-1920x1200 at work. But am getting more used to.
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    I don't know what I have but it is an 11" 9cf2 and it is sepia/yellowish/green - disgusting - returning it (i've tried calibrating)
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    Did you actually read the review???

    It says there are several significant differences in that the LG display has better whites, blacks, overall contrast, and color accuracy than the Samsung display.

    To the original poster, you should do your homework before starting such non-sensical threads.
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    Well to be fair, Anandtechs opinion on the matter is that there are differences but they are rather minor. They felt the biggest difference was the viewing angles, particularly on the 11"
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    I read that differently (though agree on the viewing angle bit, though they didn't really have solid data on that bit), but in any event, it doesn't matter!
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    Being pedantic, in English 'inferior' is better as you are not quoting speech, but using the quotes for emphasis. 'American' could be different.
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    I find it hilarious that the LG panel is considered 'the bad one' when it has been shown to have (marginally) superior color accuracy and contrast, better whites and deeper blacks, than the Samsung.

    I have the LG in my 11". The Samsung is brighter supposedly, with better viewing angles. I couldn't possibly think of a scenario where I wanted the LG in my computer any brighter than it is on max brightness. Viewing angles? Meh. I look at the screen straight on and its great.

    I'll take color accuracy and better contrast ANY day.

    LG FTW!

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