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I installed 8x1gb ram into MAC G5 and only 2gb is recognized. WHY? HELP PLEASE>

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by airvine91, May 22, 2008.

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    Lord Zedd

    True. Install OS 10.5 to use 64-bit mode. OS 10.4 and earlier are 32-bit and will not use more than 4GB.
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    Wrong. My G5 was able to recognise 6GB (even if it couldn't actually use it all in a single application) under 10.3, let alone 10.4 or 10.5. The poster should at least see it in system profiler.
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    No 10.4 and 10.5 are hybrids. Apple wouldn't allow upto 8gb of RAM if it couldn't use it.
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    Lord Zedd

    Coming from a company that would not allow more than 8MB in the SE/30.
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    Ok, but 32bit and 64bit do not explain my problem. 32 bit should at least recognize 3 or 4 gb however it only recognizes 2gb. And now my computer has been acting funny. The fans rev up real real loud and the computer locks up. Sometimes it doesn't even boot up. So now I just put back the old ram and everything seems fine. BUT I WANT MY 8gb that I paid for. What should I do to get the computer to recognize my 8gb properly? All 8 slots are taken up so this is not a matter of pairing or positions.
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    Some of your RAM is almost certainly defective. You need to methodically install and test pairs to isolate the bad stick or sticks, then get replacements.
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    Download this to test your ram. It won't break you if you buy it. It's $1.39
    It takes a long time to test but worth it. I had a ram problem ran this and all was fine so I knew it was something else. It turned out to be a bad RISER card. Apple is sending me a new one...
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    Try This

    I had the same problem but then I realised I had not pushed the ram cards in far enough .....you need to hear a click, not on all computers I know, but certainly on powermac G5's. Do one side at a time hear a click and then push other side.


    Make sure your earthed by touching the outer metal casing too!!

    Hope this works as it did for me!!
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    I agree, it's either installation or one or more bad modules.

    "64 bit" vs "32 bit" has nothing to do with it - that opinion is just totally wrong for Mac OSX -- it may be a valid point for Windows, but not Mac.

    http://support.apple.com/kb/SP80 10.3 Panther -- up to 8 GB RAM supported
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    If you're sure that you've installed DIMMs correctly, than just send your whole order back to newegg and demand the replacement. Although... 6 damaged DIMMs in one time?!

    10.4 did support that much RAM for sure.

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    Yup. User error. Happens when most people install RAM the first time.

    (except most people figure out, within minutes, that they did not insert the RAM correctly).

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