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I just bought a 12" ibook

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by wattsin, May 31, 2005.

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    Should I return it before my 14 days incase the new ones come out on the 6th?

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    why did you buy one now and just not wait and see if they were going to be updated.

    i guess you will find out on the 6th

    my opinion. No
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    because im a dumbass and din't know they were do for an update... ;)
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    dont its not worth it. its a great machine. despite what people say, its very fast. I get 27 FPS w/ UT2K4 with all stuff on medium.
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    Keep it! I have one and I love it, regardless of what the update may or may not bring.
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    I have a G4 iBook and I absolutely love it! Great little machine! :D

    But... Unless you need the laptop right now for something specific, I say take it back and wait for the update. Even though the current machine is great, any update would be worth the short wait, they're waaaay overdue for an update, it will happen very soon I think.

    You could keep it, but I know if it was me I would beat myself up for buying a machine that was updated a week later. ;)
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    keep it ? yeah whatever , get that thing back to the store asap. the people on this boad are crazy!!!(and that's an understament). what if they are redesigned? what if it comes with more ram? what if the screen is update to hd? There is alot of what if's and thats alot of money to spend on yesturday's technology.
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    first off, the stock ibook will never come with as much stock ram as a pb

    second, the ibook wont get an hd screen before the pb does

    third, they probably will redesign the whole "i" line before changing one thing

    all power = silver polished
    all i = white
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    Mr Maui

    Crack it open and ENJOY!!! If the iBook is upgraded, it will not likely be THAT significant. You obviously thought the present 14" would work for you eo just enjoy it. :)
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    How can you say this? The Powerbook line had a standard 256 megs or ram for quite some time, right alongside the iBook line. The Powerbooks, and many other machines, have been updated to a standard 512, the iBooks will follow.

    I'm truly surprised by how many people are saying to keep it. I would kick myself so hard if I bought something that was updated within a month!

    I'm not saying the update will be anything significant, but I do believe they will definately make 512 megs of ram standard, not to mention any other possible major upgrade.

    So, I still say take it back and wait a week or two for the update.
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    i didnt mean to say that, i was pretty drowsy

    i meant to say that the i line wont be as expandable in the field of RAM as the power line

    my bad :(
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    Just keep it, there isn't going to be much of a speed boost if there is one. If you really want to see what comes out then return it and then rebuy whatever comes out.
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    I think im going to return it... I can wait another week...

    my 14 days is Sat - And they will announce it on the monday if it does change...

    Even if it's more ram and a bigger harddrive... why not eh

    Thanks guys,
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    for sure.

    good luck and hopefully in your case, you will be blessed with an update

    if not then sucks that you went through the hassle :(
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    Hey! I bought my 1GHz 14" and they got updated 2 or 3 weeks later. Was I angry about it? NO! It's great and I don't see a redesign coming for a while. Look at them-they're beautiful.
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    What I want to know is what do you do if you wait for a new iBook, they revise the case and it looks garbage? I mean, the current iBooks look great, as do the powerbooks.
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    i would return it
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    What computer do you have right now other then the new iBook? Even if they announce updated iBooks, which they will definitely do, the product will not come out for at least another few weeks.

    My opinion is that you should live on what you have right now and return the iBook to get an updated one in a month or so. You will do yourself a great favor. Even if it is just a simple RAM upgrade and other slight improvements, it will be better to wait seeing how it is a relatively short time for a better product for the same money.

    I am looking foward for the HD 15" Powerbook personally.
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    Yeah the iBook does look great now but in the unlikely event that Apple release a new ugly form factor, he can always buy the old model new on eBay for less than he originally paid.
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    Even if they come out with a new iBook form, the old one will still be available for a couple of weeks. They will probably even put a sale on it or I am sure that the Apple Stores would have them still in stock. Same with CompUSA.

    It's not like as soon as they announce a new product, the old version disappears automatically.
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    Return it !!!

    Can't believe how many people here are suggesting that you keep it when WWDC is only 4 1/2 days away. I'd be kicking myself if I bought one and then Apple updated the line less than a week later.

    Return it since you can wait and you don't need one immediately. This is a no brainer.

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