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I killed my TiBook...suggestions to ease my pain

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by indigoflowAS, Mar 15, 2006.

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    ...we'll, not really. But she is blind. I dropped the computer that I have babied for 2.5 years today. It happened to be on the worst possible place for it. I dropped it on the back corner, on the hinge...resulting in the corner busting out and warping, cracks in three places, the screen bending, so it no longer latches and the backlight is dead.

    ...which brings me to my questions:
    - does killing the backlight necessarily mean i killed the display (cause i can still see that there is still a picture being made) and will have to get a new display? i imagine you can't just replace the backlight.
    - could it be a cable that i have jerked out of place?

    - i dont think i'd be buying a new display (can't be cheap) for this thing, $$$ that can be spent on a MBP (but i wanted to remain out of the market till the fall :()
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    Yeah, I had a friend last year who had his backlight die on his ancient TiBook. You'll more than likely have to replace the entire LCD. An external monitor works just fine too. I've seen completely headless PowerBooks with just a keyboard, mouse, and external screen.
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    I be-headed an old IBM laptop and made it a desktop. Interesting way to give life back into a machine that doesn't cost any money - assuming you have extra hardware laying around.
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    yeah, i'd definitely recommend you create a headless laptop with an external monitor and save up for a brand spankin new MBP.
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    Right on Eidorian and calebjohnston...ive seen some photos of TiBooks like that, i have an external monitor i can use...just spoiled cause it would usually play as my 2nd monitor.

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