I killed Safari :(

Discussion in 'Mac Help/Tips' started by Nermal, Jun 9, 2003.

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    I downloaded v80 of Safari and installed it, but it had a weird font problem so I decided to go back to v74 (or whatever the last public release was). I went to Apple's site and downloaded it, and put it in my Applications folder, replacing v80. But now when I try to use it, the browser windows don't appear - I just get a menu bar. If I go to the Window menu I can see the windows, and if I select them then they appear, but I can't visit any sites (no error, just doesn't do anything).

    I thought maybe some new settings from v80 are confusing it, so I looked around for Safari preferences and deleted everything I could find. Same problem. So I decided to but v80 back on, since it's better than nothing. But when I try to install it, I get the message "You cannot install this software on this disk. This system cannot use this software". So now I'm stuck in IE until I get it fixed :(

    Any ideas?
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    Re: I killed Safari :(

    Never install an unofficial beta.... And don't spread it, or talk about it. Apple got a little mad the last time it happened...

    Well, from what I heard, the new Safari, puts the webcore in the system folder. Maybe this has something to do with your problems. Do a search for all files named Safari, and try to delete everything that might have something to do with the app (try also Libary/Reciepts). Hope it helps... IE suck big time...
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    I know it's a daft question, but have you rebooted? Sometimes when I install a newer version of existing software I have to reboot, otherwise when I launch the program I still get the old version (or bits of it, odd prefs etc), a reboot fixes it though. Worth a try.
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    just wait till it is official, the rest is nt really worth it...
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    Yes I did try rebooting. I also tried Reset Safari.

    Yeah I'm not planning on installing any more leaks, cause I had problems with an earlier leak too - but didn't have any trouble removing it afterwards.
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    Re: Re: I killed Safari :(

    I've searched for everything named Safari and deleted them, with the exception of some Safari stuff that was in the MS Office folder, which I think is a theme or something based on where it was. I'm a bit hesitant to delete any webcore stuff in case it screws up something else.

    Every time a beta messes something up (which normally happens in Windows), I tell myself that I'm not going to install any more betas. And then I go install more anyway! Glutton for punishment, curiosity killed the cat etc.

    BTW I've installed Camino for use in the meantime, I like Safari better but this is much better than IE :)
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    This wasn't even a 'beta' - it's a 'seed'. The official Safari on apple.com is a proper beta - it has bugs, it isn't finished but probably won't kill your system. With a 'seed' release that might be as buggy as hell quite frankly you're asking for trouble.
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    Foundation is the key


    I just got the old Foundation.framework from a friend. It's kinda big so I won't post it somewhere on the web, but we Mac users always have friends don't we? :)
    I replaced the new version which Safari v80 installed (it's dated May 22) with the old one and now I can run v74 again... well, my bookmarks are gone but that was worth the trouble... but anyway, I'm looking forward to the next version of Safari, the Auto-Tabs feature is a cool one, which I can forget about for the moment.

    Don't use these seeds, people... even if some work, usually you want to act as normal law-abiding citizens in the Mac world. And that is only to use Software Update and nothing else, no weird russian servers.

    Hope it works for you too!
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    Re: Foundation is the key

    Mine was from a weird Russian server too, probably the same one :)

    So now I just need to find someone who wants to send me Foundation.framework, anyone?
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    I found a Foundation.framework on my 10.2.1 install CD, but I'm reluctant to install it because it's only 2 MB vs 28 for my current one. Presumably it isn't safe to install it, but anyone have any recommendations?
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    Re: I killed Safari :(

    I didn't have this problem (Actually, I tried to install this beta to a different directory than /Applications and Safari wouldn't appear in this directory) but I can still help you.

    If you look at the package contexts, there's a Archive.pax.gz (if I remember correctly... if that isn't the name, you're looking for a .gz file, approximately 3.8MB in size). This file contains what was installed through the installer. Copy this to your desktop, then expand it using Stuffit. Make a new directory, put the Archive.pax into it. Using your shell skills and Terminal.app, type tar xvf Archive.pax. Turns out that it was just a .tar file all along! In this temporary directory you've created, there should now be two new directories, /System and /Applications. Inside /Applications is Safari v80.

    Hope this helps a lot.
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    Re: Re: I killed Safari :(

    Thanks! Even though I'd rather have v74, having v80 is better than having nothing.

    I've seen those Archive.pax files before and wondered how to open them. Before using tar, I tried renaming it to .tar and getting StuffIt to extract it - it wouldn't touch it. So is it really a tar, or just something that Unix tar happens to be able to open?
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    Re: Re: Re: I killed Safari :(

    I'm not sure about it being a real tar file or not... I gave it a quick try with tar (tar tf Archive.pax gives you a listing of which files are contained in Archive.pax) and it worked doing that, so I figured it'd work extracting the files from it.
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    Thanks, I'll give that a go when I've got a minute (I've downloaded it but haven't tried it).

    On the other hand I might just put up with v80 for now, I'm guessing that 1.0 will come out at WWDC, so I'll just use v80 for the next 2 weeks. The font problem I had (the reason I wanted to go back to v74) seems to have fixed itself.
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    I'll have to say "Stick to the GM" on this one (even though it's not a GM), there's nothing huge from a seed/beta/blah.

    Just wait and see...
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    OMG, you killed Safari. :eek:

    You bastard!!! (sorry couldn't help it) ;)

    Anyway, everthing back to working now? Just curious.
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    A lot of this stuff has been discussed over here.
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    how do you use the rescue

    i downloaded safari rescue... how do you use it?
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    Regular users shouldn't be installing betas...only people that know exactly what they are doing, know exactly how to revert back and are willing to face the legal consequences should install beta illegal software.

    Did you guys even look in the package before you installed?
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    you know... if you are not going to be helpful... why do you post?

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