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I Love MacRumours! :-)

Discussion in 'Community' started by LaMerVipere, Jan 19, 2004.

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    Once again, I have traveled around so many other sites, but MacRumours is by far the best. The level of maturity and just all around coolness of the members here is HEAD AND SHOULDERS above all the other Mac sites out there! :)
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    thanks a lot, I agree.
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    Doctor Q

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    Sorry for the 'u' in MacRumours

    I meant MacRumors!
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    macrumors is a nice site, i wish there were more people who knew about the g5 pbook though :(

    /me wants!
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    Doctor Q

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    I wasn't complaining about the 'u'. I was curious because I tried macrumours and found that it's a site with links to macrumors. But what is its purpose? Does our fearless leader arn maintain it?
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    Sometimes I type "www.macrumours.com" by mistake, since I'm Canadian and we spell it "rumours", not "rumors", and it never used to take me to a site, but now it does.

    It must be new, made with the intent of getting hits from Canadian and British MacRumor members who make this mistake. Oh, the hits they must get....
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    with the u it takes me to an "advanced" 404 page. (where they try to sell stuff to you).

    is the added u the English way of spelling it?
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    macrumors loves you...
    (I think)
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    Mr. Anderson

    Re: I Love MacRumours! :)

    Ha! Its an ongoing battle sometimes, but I'd have to agree that the community here is damn good. Glad you like it and enjoy!

    D :D
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    You mispelled MacRumours........

    We don't want you here. Please show youself to the door. Thanks.

    (Just Kidding, we really are nice here, I promise ;))

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    I [​IMG] you all :p :eek: :D
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    once in a while ppl fight, but basically the people here are great
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    what... even me...? *blushes* :eek: ;) :D
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    No, no-one likes you...;)

    I think edesignuk was just caught up in the moment and forgot you come here too...:D
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    cyberspace is just like the real world then... *sobs* :eek: :p :p
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    hmm...we're an interesting group, eh? ;)
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    What was that about the maturity level around here?:p
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    Mr. Anderson

    Visit some other sites and you'll see that we've actually made it through puberty :D

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    hmm...so that explains all that hair then! :eek:
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    I wish I had some of it on top of my head then... *whistfully strokes kojak head* :( :eek: :p
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    is this what you mean? i hate it when that happens. :eek: :rolleyes: :eek:

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    Dont Hurt Me

    there is a big foot, you did get a picture of his foot didnt you?
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    ah, maturity!

    ah, rugback!

    macrumors, excelsior!
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    aw come on...the ladies should LOVE that. ;)

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