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I love my apple tv can i upgrade it or do I have to buy the new one?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by motobonsai, Sep 1, 2010.

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    I hope I will be able to upgrade my current 1st gen apple tv.

    I searched the posts but I see a lot of complaints for the new Apple tv.

    I just would like to know if the 1 gen is upgradeable?
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    no. you cannot upgrade your ATV.
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    You should be able to use it... I like mine too.
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    Keep it...

    Get the new one, it's only $99....

    Hack the heck out of the old one.... put it to use for something....
  5. Demi-God (Moderator emeritus)


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    Apple confirmed to Engadget that the new OS cannot be installed on the original AppleTV.

    What remains to be seen is if Apple will update the software on AppleTV1 to a new point version to reflect some of the store changes -- such as TV rentals -- or if the old AppleTV will be abandoned.

    I'm happy with the use that I got out of my AppleTV. It paid for itself over and over when I cancelled my cable subscription, going on 3 years now. That said, it would be nice for Apple to recognize the pioneers that kept AppleTV alive. A final update would be appreciated.
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    my old one will be moving to the bedroom and the new one will go to the main tv.
  8. Sol
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    I love my Apple TV too and see the new one as a downgrade in some ways; no internal storage, no analogue outputs and seemingly made out of plastic instead of aluminium. The interface is disappointingly identical to the one it replaces and the only new feature worth noting is the Netflix compatibility. The lower price is welcome but as an Apple TV 1.0 owner I see very little incentive (even lower power usage & Netflix) to purchase the new one.
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    Ok thanks for all the replies. I hope you all have fun with your apple endeavors.
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    This seems to answer my question which was, "Any reason to buy the 1st gen instead of the new one?"
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    Not really. I think the old ones will be the true "hobby," box.

    They have more features! Go figure. New one has less features.

    The thing is, what is MISSING from the OLD SOFTWARE?

    NEtflix streaming? YOu can do that on about 100 million devices out there.
  12. Sol
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    Yes and that is why not updating the original Apple TV software to support it seems like, for lack of a better word, a dick move by Apple. Should we also expect to lose compatibility with a future version of iTunes?
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    That is exactly my question:

    I have my apple tv and remote speakers via airport (?) connected to my mac. Worked perfectly until I upgraded to itunes 10. Now I can't even find them in my list :eek: According to apple tv it is set up an connected to my itunes library. Can it be that caompatibility is already gone??? That would make me reconsider my view of Apple :mad:
  14. Sol
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    I would not jump to that conclusion because my Apple TV is still recognised by iTunes 10. It is iTunes 11 that I am concerned about.
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    Uff, after giving my mac a restart everything's working fine again *relief*

    But I'll keep that in mind about itunes 11 :)
    Checking everything thoroughly before upgrading...
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    Exactly. Would not be surprised at all if Apple TV 1.0 support is gone by iTunes 11.
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    I would not care if it did.

    I do not use my current aTV with itunes at all. I barely ever leave XBMC. The only time I do is when I want to do a slideshow as I sync iPhoto to it (another backup location for my photos)

    With this new one I will use with iTunes (.99 tv shows) and Netflix.
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    so no AirPlay for us who spent our precious money on Apple, that's how they treat us, they just want our money more and more, on November iPad is gonna have cameras and Facetime leading fools to upgrade

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