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I met a celebrity today!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Kardashian, Jul 15, 2008.

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    OK, so I was lucky enough to meet Matthew Rhys today.

    He plays Kevin Walker in the TV Show 'Brothers & Sisters', and Dylan Thomas in the new film 'The Edge of Love'.

    And here is how it happened :)

    My friend who knows I'm totally obsessed with B&S's Facebooked me to tell me he'd bumped into him in the street. A Welsh street? In a town with 40K people.

    Hmmm. I was a little unsure.

    I Googled his name, and our town name, and it turns out he's here to accept some kind of award from our University for his work in film and TV, as a famous Welshman.

    Now the fun part. A relative is President of the Uni, so I rang them, begging for all the details!

    The relative got held up in the House of Lords in London today, so couldn't attend the Grad.. but they spoke to someone, and I got to meet Matthew Rhys anyway!

    I didn't get to attend the speech though, since my 'contact' wasn't there to shout at anyone who tried to stop me going in :( But still.. I met Matthew Rhys.

    It is *insane*. His American accent in Brothers & Sisters seems so natural, yet in real life he's really, really Welsh and its his first language.

    If he's still here tomorrow when my relative gets back from London, they said I can attend the Graduation dinner with them to meet Matthew Rhys properly and take some photo's. Exciting.

    Now I'm too spooked to watch anymore B&S's as I keep expecting him to sound Welsh! He's obsessed with Wales. He LOVES it. So patriotic. Me = not so much.

    Anyway, there we are :)

    I'm just shellshocked that someone from Wales is now a famous LA star, with a big house, famous girlfriend(s) and all that.. and gets to live in the USA (eventhough he said he prefers Wales!)

    Sorry. Ignore me. I'm just excited.
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    Heh - very cool. But you say he gets to live in the USA like it's a good thing! ;)
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    There are many famous Welsh people who live in the US.
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    Well I can see you're excited and all, but:
    Just be careful what personal details you publish on open forums… with a little help from Google you'd be amazed what a person can deduce. ;)
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    Oops. I've removed the town.

    Anything else I should rid?
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    Yeah, I know - but not many say they prefer Wales, or even speak Welsh for that matter.

    Catherine Zeta-Jones, Tom Jones, Anthony Hopkins - none of which speak Welsh, and very rarely come back to the UK, never mind Wales.

    CZJ does have a house in her hometown, though.

    Just excited. He is sooo obsessed with Wales, actually very patriotic and all that. He said he'd give up acting to wear a Wales rugby shirt anyday. :confused:
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    Given that the details of the award he is receiving from the University is now on wikipedia, it's pretty easy to figure out which university and hence who the president of the university is.
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    Rhys Ifans
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    As far as I'm aware he doesn't live in the US, and I don't think he's as famous.

    And if he is, its probably not for his acting.

    But I guess that personal opinion.
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    That is pretty cool. I didn't know he was a Welshman.
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    Sure, with money at his disposal, HE can dictate how he lives in Wales.

    You, and others, are not so lucky. ;)
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    Hey! We're not poor, y'know. We have Lords and Ladies in our family and everything :p

    Now that makes me sound stuck up.

    Oh well ;)

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