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I need a logo

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by Whitesockcat, Oct 5, 2010.

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    I'd like to hire a designer to do my company logo, business cards and etc.
    Any recommendations? Thanks!
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    Here we go...

    At least you used the word "hire" in your request, which at least has an assemblance to paying for the work.

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    Yes, I have no problem paying for someone to provide a service. I just don't know where to look. Is this an inappropriate post?

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    Depends on how much your looking to have done and what your budget would be. If your a small company and are just getting started so money is tight, I would recommend asking around at a local college. I have gotten a few jobs by just being a design student. They usually wont charge you too much and usually do pretty good work.

    On the other side, if your a rather large company, well established, or international then you might want to look into a professional with a degree.

    There are plenty of good designers out there. I would check around locally and see whats around first as its always easier to have a meeting in person rather than phone on e-mail.
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    HELL NO! Most people come here looking for a logo or design done for free. This is really nice and somewhat shocking to see someone willing to pay! No sarcasm intended.
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    Aye, but make sure you don't exploit them. I tell all of my students to never give away their work for too little money, even though they are students they still possess the design skils required to do the task and that is why they're being asked to help out in the first place.
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    Very true. I use to sell myself short, then after a few happy customers, I upped what I charged (every job was different). People will still pay for well done design work.
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    Actually, it can be against forum rules. Job offers cannot be made outside of the Marketplace, and the OP does not have enough posts for that forum. As long as the thread stays on the subject of "where" can help be found and not people being hired from here, the thread can stay open. Otherwise it will be closed and possibly deleted.
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    Ya it doesn't seem like he is looking for someone from here. Just trying to find someone in general.(for now at least)

    My point was also that is was not inappropriate, while yes it might be in the wrong section, its not inappropriate to ask for where and say he is willing to pay. That's more what I was responding to.
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    Hermes Monster

    Out of interest, what kind of thing are you looking for in a logo?
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    Actually, I was hoping to find someone via this forum. I guess I'm off to craigslist...

    Clear, concise and graphic. Possibly with one color plus black or grey. I am a still life photographer. Regardless, I guess this thread has to close or move.
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    No reason to close this thread; the question may still be answered and perhaps provide useful information to others. No reason to move this thread; seems to be in the appropriate forum.
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    Why is that? I'm simply curious what the harm is in allowing new posters to solicit paid work in the proper forums? Would the mods rather the new poster go elsewhere to find a contractor? Isn't that harmful to the community?
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    To OP, best to go to your community college, some make nice work for a reasonable price.
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    Well, the Marketplace is considered the proper forum. The Marketplace Rules page explains this fairly well I think, and is what I make my decisions from. The rules are designed to be beneficial to the community as a whole, though there are always going to be trade-offs. Having the minimum posts requirement helps keep away scammers that create accounts for this sole purpose. Though, I know there have been discussions about the 250 post requirement being kind of high (example).
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    You could always look online at various "Hire for Work" sites. I have a friend who freelances as a designer at the site below and has nothing but positive things to say from his experiences.

    ie. http://www.logodesignguru.com/Logo-design-how-it-works/how_it_works.asp

    Basically, you can name your own price when you list your project and the more you invest, the more designs you’ll receive from different designers. Prize amounts (amounts you are willing to pay) vary from $179 to over $5000.

    Keep in mind that Logo Design Guru will charge you $19 and 7.5% of the prize money for holding the project. You can also add additional services to your Project if so required.

    You Pay = Total Prize Money (awarded to the design of your choice) +$19 listing fee + 7.5% processing fee.

    There are some very good designers within this site but keep in mind that you should be prepared to list at least $400-$500 to get some bites from real, seasoned designers. You can also browse the designers portfolios, so if you see a style you like you can contact that designer.

    I don't have first hand experience with these sites but have had a few friends who design work within them and most of their experiences have been quite positive.

    Maybe if anyone else has experience with these sites they can chime in...


    Personally, I would recommend looking for a local design agency or freelance designer as it usually better to work one-on-one of face to face with a designer for communication purposes but as I said, if you are unable to find anyone decent locally, sites like logodesignguru could be a viable option.

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    In the past, we've had people here not pay for the work. This is an issue that seems to come up from time to time, specifically in this forum and the web development forum. One particular case that comes to mind, that I spent a lot of time with, slowly playing out over months, lots of PMs and emails... and still, the designer went unpaid in the end.

    Can't stress this enough. Successful design solutions aren't a commodity, it's a process.
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    What a nice sharing, I am a newbie for this forum site.

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