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I Need advice on bidpay

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by wnameth, Sep 27, 2005.

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    i have an offer for my two ipods on ebay to end it early for 300US. he wants to pay with bidpay but i said paypal only because bidpay uses money orders right? can't they be faked really easily? also are there any MR people who have had good/bad experiences with bidpay? please advise ASAP!
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    Why not just wait until the payment clears before you send out the iPods?
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    Or just get him to send a real mo.
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    ok the message said he will send me a fedex slip with the payment, but i have heard that you can't even get the MO from bidpay until they receive a tracking number, is that correct?
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    BidPay is 90% of the time a scam. If someone doesnt want to pay the PayPal fees, they send a friggen REAL PHYSICAL money order.

    eBay has feedback ratings to "build" trust in people so that sending a MO wont be just taken and nothing sent in return.

    Dont do BidPay.
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    ok thanks
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    I just had a similar incident with EBAY. Regardless of payment, don't send ANYTHING until the money is in your account and cleared for at least three days by your bank. I have been burnt before with a fake western union money order. I actually received a confirmation email from bidpay saying money had been sent and so I forwarded the email to bidpay and they came back saying " falsified email, do not send GOODS" . Apparently its not hard for people to fake emails from bidpay.... so point being... don't send anything until money is cleared for several days in your account and stick to paypal.

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