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I need hair for my baldness!

Discussion in 'Community' started by mymemory, Jul 6, 2004.

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    Ok, does anybody know a good solution for partial baldness? I took my time to let the market grow and now I am in the search again. I mean, I like to look bald but... is boring! despite most of the girls does not feel good ling with that. Any one?
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    Have you tried Propecia? Rogaine? Are you aware that you can get Rogaine w/o prescription? Have you gone to your doctor?
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    No yet, I rather ask to the wisest minds of Macrumors first.

    Do they work for you?
  4. jsw
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    Before I decided to succumb to the inevitable (see here), I tried Rogaine. Maybe it worked. I'm not sure. What I do know is this:

    (1) Like working out, once you stop, it shortly is as though you never started (i.e., the hair falls out again, reportedly at a faster rate).

    (2) You have to put it on twice a day and leave it there for some time - it's greasy looking enough that you really don't want to be out in public with it on.

    (3) The greasy remnants stained pillowcases, chair headrests, etc.

    (4) It's fairly expensive.

    So, in my experience, not a great thing.

    Haven't heard Propecia's facts yet (just seen the ads), so I can't comment.

    It seems like perhaps transplant/follicle cloning/etc. - more permanent, quicker solutions - might be on the near horizon.

    Best of luck... I just sort of stopped caring about it.
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    None of them really work well, it's a genetic thing and any succesful treatment will have to be genetically based.

    Get a no.2 crop, grow a goatee, get some muscles and a few interesting tattoos, the girls will still love you :cool: ;)
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    Yul Brynner was bald, and he was in demand.
    Jean-Luc Picard is bald, and he's in demand.
    William Shatner is bald... oh well, 2 out of 3 ain't bad. :p

    Shave the head, save money on combs, shampoo, conditioner, Rogaine, Liquid Plummer, and buy a hat for those sunny days outside. :eek:
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    If you're really concerned about the effect of certain hair-[re]growth products, as well as the relationship between genetics and such products, then I recommend doing some statical research on that. Do some comparing and contrasting among various products and their effectiveness on different people so that you can determine which product to get -- if any at all -- as opposed to going out and spending $100 on something that does nothing.

    BTW: Anyone notice the irony in the title of the thread? :D
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    Well, I am going to the gym but not tatoos please.

    I quit looking for formulas more than 5 yeasr ago expecting some medical advance but looks like we got stuck. Well, let me keep going like this then.


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    Another thread in which to mention my advice for male happiness. I'm middle-aged and thinning on top, but I spend all my leisure time with twentysomethings I find beautiful. What's my secret?

    Dance lessons, gentlemen. It's fun, and it has fringe benefits. To a lot of women, a man who can dance outranks a man with hair any day of the week. The women I hang with now are hotter than the ones who wouldn't look twice at me when I was their age and had all my hair. I wish I'd discovered dancing at 17 rather than in my thirties (I'm 41 now, and dating a 29-year-old).

    Learning to dance is like learning a language. It takes years rather than days, and the more you practice the faster you progress. Until you're fluent, you can feel awkward. It took me a couple of years to become fluent in my favorite style, but the effort was absolutely worth it. My social life is far better than it's ever been.

    Hair ain't everything!

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    You look cool. Don't worry about your hair. And stay away from goatees.
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    Goatees are for the ones from the evil alternate universe. :eek:
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    You might think about trying this.
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    Thanx :D, I just feel like having my hair back :rolleyes:

    Now, what is a Goatees?
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    Hey man, you got a good dome. Don't worry about it!

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    mymemory, I am not sure of the extent of your hairloss, but I have heard of a simple product that bonds to your hair by static charge and fills in patchy thinning areas. Of course, your hair has to be long enough to have something to stick to (like an inch, I guess)...and it can only do so much. A lot of people swear by it, but I do not know personally whether it is worth it. Good news is it is very cheap...bad news is it does nothing to combat the underlying problem. I believe the most popular one is "toppix" or something like that...FWIW. At least you have a decent shaped head, if/when I go bald, it will not be pretty...
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    Nothing wrong with being bald/going bald. It is a sign that you have lots of testosterone. ;)

    Bald men who are unattractive? Usually their personality, not their baldness. Other than that it could be the comb over. (think Donald Trump, ewww)

    I think guys/men who shave their head are sexy. Especially if they have dark hair. And I've met many a male who does this as a way to combat the baldness. It doesn't change it but rather embraces it.

    Just one woman's perspective...
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    Hair just on the chin, not a full beard. My husband has one and a mustache :D
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    when i was 15, i noticed hair was missing and that i was balding.
    after a while, i saw a dermatologist and she told me that i had alopecia areata, a disease where your immune system attacks your own hair

    she said there was nothing i could do except for trying rogaine...

    due to the minimal chance of it growing back, and the high cost of rogaine back then, i decided not to use it. my balding got worse and i was losing patches. I got myself to finally using it when i was about 17.

    now 2 years later, i have a full set of hair.....

    ROGAINE works wonders -
    ps : i used the 5% minox. formula, three times a day
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    do you still use it three times a day ? What is the frequency now ?
    (noticing a 'widening of my forehead', might be the brain pushing, though :D )
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    Have a lion's man surgically implanted, you'd look so cool and ferocious, you'd get all the promotions at work!
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    Yeah, my grandad had alopecia, didn't have a hair on his body by the time he was 25, no eyebrows, eyelashes, nothing.

    I think medicine can deal with stuff like this reasonably well, it obviouosly worked in your case.

    Male pattern baldness is a different matter, and is effectively untreatable, but it's always worth visiting a tricologist on the off chance your baldness isn't genetic.

    Goatees are cool, ask any woman about the velcro effect (Neserk might know something about this... ;) )
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    i used it on and off for about a year.
    also, i think most people are only supposed to use it once or twice a day. I was under special directions by my dermatologist because i was also using a prescription conditioner for my thinning hair.
    i think that everybody should use this (including women, and even if you haven't started to go bald YET), it's changed my life in so many ways....
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    Don't mock my goatee... It will soon be the only hair I got left above my shoulders... :D
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    mymemory, your problem is your working out too much. What happens is that your body is so bulked up, its causing your skin to stretch. This forces all your hair down onto your back, causing it to thin on top. What you need to to is either
    a) quit working out so your muscles shrink, and your skin contracts back to its natural state, or

    b)do what I do: Just start your comb over from between the shoulder blades. As long as you don't wear a tank top, nobody will know the difference. Trust me. That's what my wife says. :)
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    A style of beard and mustache that just looks like a ring of s**t around your mouth and down onto your chin. Pucker up! :p

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