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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by FLYHIGHSOUNDS, Oct 9, 2004.

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    was up EVERYONE...Man my ibook is not working I don't no what happened. the LCD Screen dose not turn on.
    it sounds like the ibook is on, but you can't see nothing. sometime you can see the disktop, it turns on for a bit and then it starts to fade out. then its out and nothing...
    if some-one can help me out on fixing it, and knows how and why this happened place help :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
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    http://www.apple.com/support/ibook/faq/ I would say logic board, and if you qualify, get it repaired. You can check right now, if your serial number is between UV117XXXXXX to UV342XXXXXX, you apply.

    If there is a mac or PC near by, get your ibook into target mode using a firewire cord connected from your mac to the other computer. Hold down T I believe on boot up, and othe other computer, the hard drive of the ibook should show up. Save as much as you need, because you will get everything wiped out if Apple is going to repair it.
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    Call me cynical, but why do I suspect this to be spam?
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    Why would you say that. He had a problem, found the forum, signed up, and put down his problem. He probably doesnt know to look before posting, so yes, it is repedative.
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    I'm all for helping people but this type of post just bugs me. What happened to style, punctuation, spelling and grammar? I'm not a fan of hip hop music but acknowledge it's existence as a form of expression HOWEVER I do object to it's incursion in the written word. Come on, do you think this guy speaks/writes likes this and has the sense to have a Mac? Pleeeeeeease :cool: Oh boy, here come the flames. Cheers
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    Because I'm cynical.

    Furthermore, it's so barren of any meaningful detail that it's next to useless as a genuine enquiry...

    However, I applaud your idealism and good forum citizenship.
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    You predicted it..


    Careful what you ask for.. Sad thing is, I agree. The post made me cringe to read, but hell, I'm no English scholar, who am I to criticize? Right_click -> Spelling -> Spelling... is quite often used by me ;)
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    Easy there guy. We are here to help so lets keep doing that. In the mean time Flames

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    sheesh, usually it's me that gets accused of giving n00bs a hard time...:p :D

    (which I don't btw...unless they deserve it of course ;))
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    Please make sure your own punctuation, grammar, etc. are top-notch before criticising others.

    Thank you.
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    Knew that flames and corrections would follow. Oh well. I'm not an grammarian but try to do my best. The wording just made me cringe. :rolleyes:
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    Finally, someone of whom Diogenes would be proud - an honest man [or woman].

    I'd be in favor of a dialog screen that comes up before every posting that asks the question - "Do you want it to look like THIS?"

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    some might be exicted at the fact that eminem takes the time to post here.
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    Sorry if my spelling sucks.....I have a learning disability and i try and get around it. all I can do is try and get what I'm saying out there. and yes I'm new here and i did find this form looking for some help is that wrong of me to ask people who no what they are talking about to help me out.

    I would say more but i don't want to be Attacked.....
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    Whatever the problem is, it doesn't sound like anything you, or anyone else here will be able to fix. It sounds like a hardware failure, and only Apple are gonna be able to fix a problem like that. Is it under warranty?
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    Sorry if I jumped on your case... many apologies.

    We're not all ogres... well, not usually.

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    Anyone else noticed that when there is a lack of Apple rumors we start treating all posts as rumors. This is the 3rd or 4th post I have seen today where the validity of the post has been questioned. The way these posts have been analyzed for accuracy, you would think that they are claiming G5 Powerbooks tomorrow. :p
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    i've been involved in 2 other threads where someone has been attacked like this. this is the 3rd one i've seen.. it's a pretty big turn off, normally i don't have a problem sending people here for help... i'm starting to question that...
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    Yes. these forums are becoming less friendly and tollerent.. you could always try www.macmentor.org I suppose. :)
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    That's how it was done 20 years ago :)

    This program posts news to thousands of machines throughout the entire civilized world. Your message will cost the net hundreds if not thousands of dollars to send everywhere. Please be sure you know what you are doing.

    Are you absolutely sure that you want to do this? [ny]
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    sorry, double post.
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    i think there may be something wrong with my brain. Everytime i see ogres written out, i read it as "orgy". it causes trouble late at night when i'm looking for porn. i get dirrect to all sorts of the wrong sites. :)
    on another note, I've always had success finding solutions to my problems here, even if my posts are gramatically poor, and my spelling sucks, and i keep mentioning orgy's. i say, as long as people don't take criticism as a personal attack, and that there are people who are willing to help, this place is as good as any other.

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    I think intolerance would best describe it. Ain't none of us is robots, bro! Slow your roll. :confused:

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