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I need help buying a cable modem

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by rayneg, Mar 29, 2003.

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    I'm going to be getting a cable internet account through Comcast here in sunny Portland Oregon. I want to look into buying the modem myself. Can someone please point me to a reliable, bare-bones model?

    Ideally, it will use firewire because all my USB ports are used up. I'm running 10.2.3. Thank you!
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    I do not believe that such a thing as a firewire cable modem exists. You would want one with an ethernet port. Not a USB because that would be as slow as death.
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    Yes, the ethernet port would be even better. I found USB port models on eBay and was concerned that might be the standard.
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    Radio Shack sells an RCA Cable Modem for $79.99 and I have a friend that bought one and it works well. It handles both USB and Ethernet, but the USB drivers are for PC only so you would have to use the Ethernet port for the Mac. Of course, I would recommend Ethernet as the way to go anyhow, USB would be slow and if you are running anything else through USB like a printer, camera, or an iSub it would be even slower.

    I have a Toshiba PCX1100 that is an Ethernet only modem and it works well, it is not mine however. The Cable company here includes a cable modem with the cost of the service, so why buy one when you have to pay for theirs anyway.
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    USB is more than enough, it runs at 12mbps, cable modems range from 256bps to 3mbps.

    Most cable companies lend or give you the modem I thought, mine did.
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    use the one the ISP gives you :rolleyes:
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    I'll second that, especially because some (many?) ISPs will charge you a higher rate if you use your own cablemodem. Sucks, but that's business, I suppose.
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    Comcast only charges three dollars per month for modem rental. Use that.

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    yes, it is quite sad that you are locked into a monopoly when you move into an area, building etc. I am so happy that i switched to digital cable, especially since i get a discount on my HSI too through comcast :D
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    i agree with using the modem they supply. only only costs a few bucks a month extra, and you can use the money you save to buy a router with a built in firewall, as i would not recommend connecting to a broadband/static IP connection without some sort of hardware firewall.

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