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I need help choosing the right tablet

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by chococat, Nov 11, 2012.

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    Hello everyone! I need help. :confused:

    I never thought that i'll get a tablet because I had no reason for needing one...but now I do because I found out that you can draw using sketbook pro! and I always wanted to draw digitally directly on the screen!

    I search around on amazon and I found the following that got me interested, but don't know which to choose:

    - Ipad with retina display 9.7-inch (or without it (old model?)) 32GB

    - Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1" 32GB

    - Kindle Fire HD Kindle Fire HD 8.9" 32GB <---coming soon

    - Microsoft Surface with Windows RT 32 GB

    - maybe Ipad mini?

    So...I always loved drawing (I just don't draw much as before) But I always wanted to get the wacom cintiq that you can draw directly on the screen...but its just too expensive, people! :eek:

    So...I play some games...I might enjoy watching movies and TV series...read magazines (If my eyes can handle it), read books (If I can't wait to get my hands on the kindle paperwhite)...I might get the amazon primetime, but I already have netflix. I don't know if the difference in resolutions between the tablets are considerably noticable. I like the GALAXY NOTE more because of the drawing and the pen, but I want to be able to enjoy the other options of multimedia or entertainment the others can do. I don't want to spend alot on a tablet...but if it's worth it, it's WORTH IT! (ouch on my purse)

    Will an Ipad mini work? I never thought about it.

    Has anyone used any of these tablets? and what are your experience?

    Is there a website that I can choose and compare these tablets's specs side by side as well?

    Please and thank you for your time and help!
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    For your needs I think a larger tablet would be better. So IMHO if the app you want is on both iOS and available on the Kindle Fire HD then it just comes down to which OS you like. Based on only what you said, books, video and on screend drawing as your main use, the large Kindle Fire HD would be a perfect fit and a great price. It also gives you a few things over the iPad such as real GPS (no data or wifi needed) and stereo speakers and access to Amazon's library and Prime if you ever want to go that route.

    There are tons of sites and Youtube videos comparing these tablets, Google is your friend...
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    I agree, this is an excellent suggestion.
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    Then get Samsung Note 10.*! The S-Pen is a real game changer.
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    the kindle fire hd might work...I just hope that whoever I choose works well when i start to draw using the sketchbook pro on the tablet.
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    Chooseing Tablet

    Brother if can afford upto retina ipad 3 ,so u can buy a new Ipad 4 because its Blazing fast graphics,performance and a better battery life, compare to other tablets in the market but you want with calling facility you better go with samsung..and Me 2 I am waitng 2 buy an New Ipad so it depends on you Best of Luck....:)
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    Wait for Surface Pro with a digitizer
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    ...but no S-Pen. If I would need extensive drawing capabilities I would certainly go for an S-Pen device.

    I have an iPad 3 and Notability, and I use a stylus too. But what you can do with that is just some really rough sketching. Or you have to magnify what you do basically all the time. The stylus function for the iPad is way to coarse for real sketching.
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    if u have Ipad 3 you can go with samsung note 10.1 and its nice to use for painting and much more of it ....


    help me please i want buy an Iphone 5 but i have seen and searced about it is it have some screen bugs and main disadvantage is its metallic body, its very nice but if just a simple scratch can destroy its beauty so and i cannot hanndle this so any one can suggest me that can i go with and iphone or i should buy an Ipad 4....:apple:
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    what's a digitizer?
  11. MuffCabbage, Nov 12, 2012
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    The active digitizer for pen input. Basically instead of working like an iPad or Surface RT where you need a capacitive stylus, it works by having an active layer dedicated to detecting the stylus with varying pressure levels, better accuracy, and a higher sample rate (Not sure this is the correct term).

    Basically you can draw quicker with better accuracy and with varying pressure levels.
    Surface Pro will also have the screen very close to the glass so its going to be very close to drawing on the actual screen instead of feeling like you are drawing above it.
    Its accuracy is sub pixel too.

    If youve ever watched someone using a capacitive stylus with an iPad or something I think it will send you toward going with a real pen input instead.

    The other benefit of it is that it will run the sketch applications built for Windows too
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    oh, I didn't knew that! but the surface pro would probably be too expensive for my budget :/
  13. jsw
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    And a hefty price differential. However, from what I've read - and I'll wait for reviews of shipping products for my final opinion - MS seems to have really done a great job, and I suspect drawing on the Surface Pro will be noticeably and significantly better than using a stylus with the other tablets, with the possible exception of the S-pen devices.

    @chococat: A digitizer is, among other things, something used to convert your drawing motion into a drawing on the screen. The touchscreens are digitizers, but are not all that precise. MS will use some nice new tech to make it seem far more like you're actually drawing/writing. It will cost a lot more - twice as much? - but provide (presumably) a superior drawing experience. Edit: took too long to reply!

    FWIW, I've got Sketchbook Pro on my Nexus 7, and it works fine, but it really does need a larger screen. I think the iPad Mini would similarly be too small.
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    Yeah its probably going to be like $900 Im guessing. As a secondary device that is a lot, but if it fits your life, you could make it your primary device too.
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    The surface pro, while sounds pretty good, i'm not really a pro artist or need to buy the best. I started working as a part time graphic designer and I want to start the next step of drawing digitally on a tablet. I also want to enjoy drawing on the screen and of course learn to improve my digital drawings in the future. And watch some movies, play games and download some apps, since this will be my first time owning a tablet :)


    I won't get the ipad mini. it really is too small.
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    If drawing is even slightly important then you'll want the Samsung. Everything else is complete crap for drawing. I personally don't have a use for a stylus since I can't draw and own a Android tablet and an iPad 3....both are bad for drawing....

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