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I need revenge

Discussion in 'Community' started by phreakout13, Jan 22, 2004.

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    My sisters are bieng brats and wont let me on the computer so they can use AIM. We have an older one but they refuse to use that one just for the sake of using the new one. Meanwhile, I need to use my iPod, which is one of the main reasons we got a new computer. Can anyone suggest any annoying little things to do to their accounts? Thanks!
    P.S. I know their passwords!
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    ha ha, funny...

    is it a Mac? are you using iChat?

    if iChat, then a good one is to change the alias so that the buddy list would show the name of the person different from the owner of the AIM handle. example:

    say your sister's friend jane doe had a handle "jdoe" and another of her friend david smith had a handle "dsmith"

    simply alias jdoe to show up as david smith and dsmith to show up as jane doe...

    of course, you can log in, start sending warning to all her buddies and she'll have no one to IM with very quickly...

    and lastly, you can just change their password! :D
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    Doctor Q

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    Three ideas:

    1. Rather than planting tricks on the computer, just talk to your sisters' friends in AIM using their account. Maybe they will be so horrified at the thought of you talking to their friends and saying something embarrassing that they will want to stay off the computer you use.

    2. Hide AIM and replace it with any program (with the AIM icon) that gets an error when launched, or a document that says "Application Damaged. File /Library/Drivers/aimapp.lib missing." If that computer seems "broken", they might use the other one.

    3. Tell your parents that proper social development requires that both you and your sisters have personal computers, not a shared one. After enough whining and pleading, they might give in!
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    by the way, I have an eMac running OS X 10.3 and I have no idea what iCat is, although I wouldn't mind knowing...
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    Isn't there a "bomb.app" in the dev tools? Doesn't it cause a kernel panic?

    *whistles innocently*

    Or you could just change their keyboard map to say... Dvorak.

    Or if you have a router and you know the password you can just go to the old computer, access the router, deny internet to the IP they are using, then when they leave due to no internet, reenable access and use away.
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    iChat and AIM... pretty much the same thing... AIM is AOL's version of instant messenger and iChat is Apples IM program that goes through AOL's servers....
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    A desktop background from rotten.com will do the trick, my cousin liked using iChat on my mac til i loaded that desktop photo. **snicker**
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    i like the idea of the router thing, it isnt too obvious yet it does teh trick
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    Re: I need revenge

    The big problem is that the revenge could backfire on you. What is wrong with the other computer? What type?

    You should try just sitting down with your sisters. List the priorities. Try to negotiate computer use time.
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    That's a lovely idea. Copy the chat app's icon to bomb.app, rename it to have the same name as the chat app, and place it everywhere the chat app used to be (don't forget aliases, if there are any).

    Another idea is to auction off some piece of esoterica (your pocket lint, for example) on eBay with a sob story about how you need your own computer. Start the bidding at, say, $500 and hope for the best.
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    That would be the best. Don't forget to also change the system to use a foriegn Language, like say Japaneese, or Chineese.

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    Do you have an admin account to the computer? If not make a root account then you can login asroot in the login screen and full access to the computer, Change passwords whatever. OK this is what you do!!!

    My friends and I did it on all the schools Macs in a lab once. What you do is take a full screen shot of the screen (Command shift 3) Then what you do is move all the desktop icons into a folder so they can't click on them. Then hide the dock and move it to a differnt position. Then make the screen shot the desktop. They will think that the dock is there and all icons are there but all they will be clicking is the desktop no the real icons or dock. HAHAHA and after awhile you want to set it back just drag out the desktop items from the folder you hid. Then change the dock and desktop back! No one at school could figure it out. And there were many restarts to try and fix the problem. Then we would fix the problem and not tell them how we did it. HAHA good trick!

    Later just to bug the **** out of them there is a file you can change that will make the magnified dock size take up more than the screen. I forget the path to the file but it works and pisses people off!
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    Powerbook G5

    My friends and I used to do the screen shot prank to the PCs at school all the time. It was a classic but fooled everyone every time. It even fools the ITs.
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    Re: Re: I need revenge

    I've thought this several times- you're too nice for this place:D ;)

    But please -stay just as you are. The milk of human kindness is curdled enough around here already.
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    Sounds like a time-sharing arrangement needs to be done here.

    Its bad karma to do account-tampering.
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    thanks for the input everyone! I like simple pranks. The desktop pic one works great!
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    Do share your results/experience. :)
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    I will be very anxious to find out what approach you decide to employ. Looking forward to the results.
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    Ive had and have the same problem.

    I have two sisters too...

    Unfortunately, there really isnt anything you can do. :(

    Sisters don't bend to the will of brothers.


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    Powerbook G5

    They do when you are the older brother of your two sisters. :D

    Not to mention it is easy to pick up the phone and have the internet go down back when we had dialup...

    But after we got cable, I wired the whole house with ethernet and bought a router so that the whole family may be able to share at once. Now we have cable, a router, and when my sister and I are both home, there are 5 computers at home:

    My Parents have a 2.8 GHz Dell
    One of my sisters has a 2.4 GHz Toshiba laptop
    The other has a 1.6 GHz Compaq
    And I have a 1.25 GHz G4 and a 400 MHz G3 PowerBook

    They all share harmoniously and life is good...until they all start having issues with XP, at which I curse having to fix yet another PC. It is either me or XP, but it was kind of difficult just finding Device Manager now since it is buried behind so many graphical menus and I swear, the "Network" control panel is no longer to be found and you are stuck using a wizard that never has what you need to do.
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    my friends sister kept DLing on kazza and laggin the connection. So he just blocked the ports and now shes all pissed she can't DL music. haha
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    Well, silly me, I had assumed you had a PowerBook G5! :)
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    Powerbook G5

    I can put them together and dub it a PowerBook G9.
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    Press Ctrl-Option-Command-8 :)
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    what's that do? (seriously):confused:

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