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I need some Domain Name help guys!!!

Discussion in 'Community' started by evoluzione, Jan 5, 2004.

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    ok, so as a few of you know, i have set up my own business and have an office and everything...i am however having a bit of trouble deciding what domains to register...

    any suggestions people????

    my company name is "evoluzione, inc" and these following names are available:


    i'm thinking register both a short "evo" one and a full length "evoluzione" one, just so people don't have to type the whole thing and it redirects to the longer one...i'm not sure if i should have the - (hyphen) or not.

    whadya think????
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    Re: I need some Domain Name help guys!!!

    I think I'd go for a contraction of Evoluzione and NY, so that it would be Evoluziony or, if you like, EvoluzioNY, or even just plain evoluziony. The address evoluziony.com isn't registered yet, but then again, you might not even like it.

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    Mr. Anderson

    Since the spelling of the word is a little difficult - you'd have to explain it to someone, not just speak it outloud - I'd go with the shortest one that makes sense. Its easier to remember and no hyphens or dashes.

    Good luck!

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    I'd go for....

    evo-nyc.com (because not everyone can spell evoluzione off the top of their heads)

    which redirects to...

    evoluzione-nyc.com (which is you company name and location, and will eventually drill into peoples heads how to spell it, once they've visited it a few times)

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    Mr. Anderson

    Redirecting it to a longer name isn't a bad idea either. But how important is the domain to the company name for you?

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    I'll agree that dashes will be confusing for some people, and will moreover require you to spell out the name for them. Using the short name to redirect to the long one isn't really necessary unless you want something you can quickly give people verbally; if your domain is going to mostly be distributed to people on paper it's probably better to give them the "real" name to start with, which also implants the proper name of your company in their heads.

    If you do need something you can quickly tell people/scribble down for them, then I'd go with evonyc.com redirecting to evoluzionenyc.com. You might also consider that if you can even remotely conceive of your business spreading beyond or moving from New York, you might want something other than the "nyc" in both domains. You wouldn't want to have to re-register later and potentially confuse customers. Maybe evonet/evoluzionet?

    In any case, good luck with it--I've been trying to come up with a personal domain name for a while now that would be short enough and easy to type, spell, and remember, without having any connotations I don't like, that would still fit my personality. It's harder than I thought!

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