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I need to know one thing before i hack my ATV

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by marknicholls, Apr 20, 2010.

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    Once the ATV is hacked, when a video is converted into Apple TV Hack mode (correct me if im wrong but it takes a MKV for example and puts it in a .mov container) will the movies then play in the standard ATV GUI or will i need to open Boxee?

    On my unhacked ATV the .mov sits in iTunes ok, but wont play on the ATV - will hacking the ATV fix this or will i still need to open a third party app like Boxee?

    If so, does it matter which hack i use? I see ATVUSB-Creator looks good?

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    So i just ran ATVUSB-Creator, and the MKV's which i ran though Videodrive with "Hacked APV" mode worked in XBMC but not through the standard ATV interface

    Is this right? that with a hacked ATV i cannot run the quicker conversion in video drive, even though they run through iTunes, it must be a full blown conversion?

    i thought that the hacked ATV would run .mov's converted in video drive for a hacked ATV without the need to run them through XBMC?

    Thanks in advance
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    Did you install Perian with the NitoTV menu? That should enable playback of the hacked mov files in the default ATV menu.
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    I installed Perian I didn’t know about NitoTV though so ill have a look at that tonight

    I would get the first frame of a video to play then it would stop and freeze my ATV

    When converting my files to a hacked ATV file on video drive web site it does say they cannot guarantee the playback of these files in future releases of iTunes, I assume these files will always work in other players such as VLC etc? I don’t want to play with my files and find one day they wont play in anything

    Many Thanks
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    Ive installed everything as above but videos are freezing after 2 seconds so badly that i have to put the power out of the ATV

    Any ideas please?

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    This only happens when the ATV is synced with iTunes. When i remove synching (to stream) my ATV wont even see any of my files

    It will see one file which i have downloaded via iTunes but none of the 3 test files i converted to ATV Hack mode
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    If i use xbmc directly then all my old MKV's will be in once place, and new iTunes downloads will be in another which isnt ideal

    That's why i wanted to hack convert all my MKV's using Video Drive as this doesn't take very long, and access my old stuff and new iTunes stuff in the same interface - i just dont seem to be getting much luck

    Also, what do u mean SD category?

    Anyone one else any ideas on my problems? :( Thanks
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    -from the videodrive website-
    SD - Standard definition

    Appletv isnt very powerful when it comes to decoding video - perian and mplayer don't have access to the accelerated hd decoding like frontrow itself does. Any videos you want to watch with this method would need to be of a fairly low quality (SD). I would imagine having them in an mkv container is going to slow things down even more.

    If you can transcode to something more SD and stream these files.

    Personally I use XBMC with a hardware hacked appletv (crystalHD card from broadcom) - 720p files work fine and 1080i files are getting there!
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    Ah, ok, interesting, so i may have it set up ok, but the reason its freezing after 2 seconds is because its a 720p MKV in a .mov container which it cant handle

    I really wanna go 100% legal and purchase my downloads but by the sounds of it that would mean having all my old content via XBMC and new content via iTunes (ATV)

    Which is a bit messy....

    If there was a way to do it the other way, put iTunes downloads in XBMC then it might be ok, but having to strip the DRM is a pain in the ass

    Seems like there are to many obstacles in the way fat the moment
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    True words.

    Maybe you could try and be happy just watching the apple drmed stuff on your appletv and save the mkv's for watching on your mac screen.

    Personally I don't find it too much of a hassle switching between the two - xbmc loads up pretty fast - and exits pretty quick for when I buy a tv show or rent a movie. Works for me.

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