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I need two apps, one to quickly jott down notes and one to transfer files from my mac

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by detz, Apr 5, 2010.

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    For work, I need something that can replace my note next to my desk, as in something I can use my finger with to jott and draw things down really quickly. Also it would be kickass if I could drag a file from my desktop right to the ipad for meetings. Any suggestions?
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    Can you sync your notes on your computer with the notes on your computer?
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    Ideally I would like to be able to drag a file from my computer to my iPad. So, if I'm going to a meeting I can quickly drag some excel/pdf sheets over and bring them with me
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    Get a drop box account. Drap file from computer to the drop box, it automatically syncys. Then on the iPad use good reader to bet the file from drop box to the iPad.
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    As long as I've had the iPhone, I've been puzzled by how difficult it is to copy files between other devices and the iPhone. I have to email them, or copy them up to some cloud server (like dropbox) and then down to the iPhone. Then I can only copy them into a specific application -- not into a common folder where any appropriate app can make use of them.

    I've also used old Palm devices and Windows Mobile, and it seemed like file copying and sharing was much easier on those platforms. This seems like one of the rare areas where Apple has failed. What's really curious, though, is that at generation 3 of the iPhone, and now the iPad, it seems like they haven't made it any easier.

    All I want is a folder on the device that shows up on the other computer, either by being on the same network or by cable connection. The cable option is important for use at my office where there is no wireless network.

    I know that specific applications can already show a folder on the computer desktop for file transfer, but then the copied files are only visible to that app. That's very limiting. I want the folder to be visible at the operating system level, so any app can grab files and use them.

    For example, I have both QuickOffice and Documents to Go on my iPhone, but I can't put data files in a folder where both apps can open them. I hope they overcome this strange limitation on the iPad, since it is more computer-like (whatever that is), and users may expect it to be as versatile as the computers they're used to.
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    It's actually fairly easy to understand.

    Apple doesn't think you should use devices other than their own, so they make it as difficult as possible to do so.
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    NC MacGuy

    Air Sharing. Transfer and view files via WiFi.

    Excellent app.

    Won't do what Manatee wants but the iPad is a big Touch. Get used to it. It's a big reason I will not buy an iPad.
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    I use Dropbox, and I have their app on my iPhone. However, I can view files within the Dropbox app on the iPhone, but I can't do anything else with them. No other app can read them from there.

    Is there an app for iPhone/iPad where files can be copied and then read and/or edited by other apps, like apps that can work with doc or xls files?
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    This is a good solution. It's the one I am using.
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    Yeah, I use dropbox all the time but there is no ipad app yet and looking at that small screen sucks. Any ideas as far as note taking? Now I have a little notebook I use to jott down notes but I would rather use my iPad.
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    If you get iworks you should be able to "open with" any of the programs once it's on your iPad.
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    If you get iworks you should be able to "open with" any of the programs once it's on your iPad. Plus, Good Reader will let you view the files. It's only $.99. Check it out.
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    Files are contained within their own Apps.

    The common file spot that was eluded too did not appear...

    I suggest: apple.com/feedback

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