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I now present to you: FrankenPad

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by eTip, May 3, 2010.

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    So, I was sitting on the couch last night, trying to find a comfortable way to balance my iPad and BT keyboard while typing..... It's possible, but not easy and not comfortable. Now, I COULD have a) walked into the other room to use my desktop, b) used my MacMini connected to my TV, c) pick up my hackintosh laptop sitting right next to me.....

    ....Nah - the iPad is my new toy so there must be a way.....

    So, today (while the rest of you were Jailbreaking or working or both), I gutted an OLD, OLD, OLD laptop to make room for the iPad and BT keyboard and gave life to....FrankenPad. I primarily did this to amuse myself (I should really find a job soon), but I must admit it's pretty usable. With a few more tweaks, I could see myself using it regularly....

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    hahaha, that's oddly cool and funny. Nice job.
    Now that I think of it, I wouldn't be surprised if there will be cases made like this.
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    Good to know I have amused someone other than myself. Yeah, there's potential for a product there in some way or another..
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    Yeah it's called a laptop. ;)
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    Arrrrr! NO! Laptop BAD! Netbook bad! FrankenPad good.
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    Made me laugh too.
    That's one of the things I like about the iPad - it can be (within limits) what you want it to be.
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    Nice, I see this being on Engadget
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    Very well done friend. The computer for the rest of us indeed :D
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    very nice idea !
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    Laughed out loud at frankenpad. Its funny and inventive!
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    Best looking Texas Instruments product I've seen. ;)
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    Nice job man!
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    Excellent job, please show us more views!
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    NICE! Haha. That's actually a really good idea... I could see a well done case like that with either bluetooth for the keyboard and integrated SD Card reader, or using the USB port on the camera kit to run the keyboard through USB.

    This is a really good idea... I mean, really good. It could solve a lot of complains about typing speed. :)
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    FrankenPad - Freakishly cool ;)
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    :eek:If you can close is a great idea because it may carry the screen and keyboard as one also does not require any protective cover for the screen, :apple: hopefully IPAD developers look at this idea and cloned , do not you think?
    While Lenovo already has this in its prototype hybrid laptop IdeaPad U1


    Another picture screen separating


    Si se puede cerrar es un gran idea porque se podrá llevar la pantalla y el teclado como uno solo, además no se requiere de ninguna funda protectora para la pantalla, ojala los desarrolladores del iPAD miren esta idea y la clonen, no les parece?
    Aunque lenovo ya tiene esto en su prototipo IdeaPad U1 hybrid laptop


    Otra imagen separando la pantalla

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    Also... http://www.macrumors.com/2010/05/06/clamcase-laptop-like-shell-for-the-ipad/

    Someone is commercializing this idea. :)
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    That is a pretty clean job. Now, it would be even cooler if you were able to use the laptop speakers(and even cooler if you were able to do the laptop speakers and ipad speakers to work at the same time). I guess the only thing you may want to do next is fix the color scheme on the laptop and you are pretty much set. That is unless you are really good and can get the laptop battery to work as an extended battery.

    Also, that Lenovo is a bit different as when it connects to a keyboard it becomes more netbook-ish with its Intel CULV cpu, and then a Snapdragon based cpu when detached, or so that is what I have read.
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    It would be a neat mod to wire up with just a stereo headphones cable to the speakers. Then use the Bluetooth keyboard. Build in a USB port from the Camera Connector kit and wire it to one of the laptop USB ports. Then you're all set.

    On a similar note... Anyone know anywhere that one can order/build a custom computer case?
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    I am working on another one (Bride of FrankenPad?) that I hope will do just that. It's a different laptop case, so the speakers can remain in place. Been a bit under the weather and busy lately so haven't had the time to work on it but will post pics and an update when I do.

    Not sure about using the laptop battery (don't even think it would hold a charge) but I was thinking about using a different external battery in a similar manner.

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