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I purchased a new album from my ipod and it only downloaded one song

Discussion in 'iPod' started by efp722, Sep 8, 2008.

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    I purchased an album from my ipod touch on saturday afternoon and it only downloaded the first track. The other 9 songs were trying to connect and after a few minutes I guess it timed out and then it said that the download was complete. So when I checked to see if the new album was in my music I only had the first song.

    When I got to the computer later that day I connected my ipod to my macbook, and went to my account. When I checked my account info page at the very top it said that I had 11 downloads waiting for me and that all I had to do was click download now to get them.

    I clicked it and all i got was the making of video. The other 10 never downloaded, and it still says there are 10 downloads waiting for me.

    Then I was like "okay...". I went to go listen to the only song that downloaded only to find that it wasn't even on my ipod anymore! Nor my Macbook!!! But I still have the video!! (the song was on my ipod too because i kept listening to it in the car.

    SO. After that I decided to report a problem( this was saturday night) and I still haven't heard back from them. They usually are very good at getting back to me during the first 24 hours.

    Anyone else experience this problem????

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    Have you tried to use the menu option "Check for downloads" that should force everything to download.

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    Yes. I've just tried it again to make sure. It always pops up saying that everything has been downloaded to my computer.
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    anyone have any suggestions or have gone through this before?
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    The exact same thing has just happened to me!
    I purchased an album on my iPhone, the first track downloaded, and then my phone suggested that the others could be downloaded from my iTunes (my iPhone was connected. but not syncing, at the time).
    However the remaining 5 tracks never downloaded.
    In my account, iTunes says that all (but the one that downloaded, and one other [who knows where that one is!) are available for download.
    However when I check for purchases it says all purchases have been downloaded.

    This is very strange, and quite irritating.
    Anyone know anything about this?

    *Edit* I've even tried directly downloading the album again - to which is says I have already purchased the album, but it has yet to download.
    However when I click okay, it checks for purchases, but no downloads begin. Grrrr.
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    Wow. well at least I am not alone. I went to apples website to find out what to do and it told me to "report a problem" which i did three days ago.

    still have not heard back from them.

    Did the file you already get go missing? thats what happened to me.
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    The file I downloaded is still here, but still the others won't download.
    I've just received a reply - basically saying that I should check for purchases. (Although I stated in the first email that this didn't work!)

    Looks like I need to reply again, and they'll see what they can do!

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