I put up my "Pro" holiday lights!

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by hayduke, Dec 10, 2008.

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    Someone gave these to me yesterday. :D

    USB powered. :p

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    That's very nice. You just need a mistletoe hanging from the bottom of the display.
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    Why does it look like your Mac Display is floating!?! I'd guess wall mount, but theres no wall behind it to mount it to!
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    A desk mount perhaps?

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    I think I see two wires hanging from the ceiling.
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    If you look closely, you can see the shadow of the stand on the desk ;)
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    whoa huge display! dwarfs the mba and keyboard lol
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    Yup. A bit of it is seen under the screen on the right side (bottom). It works really nicely. I can turn it sideways when I'm working with a group in my office. It is about as wide as my desk is deep and basically serves as the "projector."

    Nice that everyone noticed the Apple goodies, but what about the fantastic *LIGHTS* , eh?
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    I want those lights!

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    You are all wrong... it's magic and you know it!
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    nice workplace, what type of industry are you in? can u post more pics?
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    awww cute lights with the floating screen!
    your desk is pretty clean! mine is a mess i barely place my wrists to type and move mouse.
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    I'm a professor in medical imaging at a "big" university. If I posted my pictures they would mostly show the junk that I moved off my desk to take the picture I did post!
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    nice setup. like the floating monitor.

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