I really, really doubt the iPod 6G will have touch capabilities.

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Jack Flash, Sep 2, 2007.

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    Here's what I think it will have though.

    "Fat-Pod" Leaked Design
    Anodized Aluminum Casing (Silver and Black)
    Flash Memory (20GB)
    Cover Flow as a Display Option
    WiFi for the Wireless iTunes Store Apple will launch.

    I can't be entirely sure, but this makes the most sense.
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    I think the leaked design could be a new iPod, neither replacing the iPod with Video nor the Nano.

    Maybe that one would have flash drive, but the big iPod, the one replacing the Video one, would have a larger hard disk drive with a innovative menu system (cover-flow, etc).

    But I agree with you that the "touch" iPod is not going to happen. The iPod is cool because of its ease of use, and the click-wheel is just the best to achieve this. But then we have the fact that Apple wants to sell video through the iTunes Store, so having a widescreen iPod would be a BIG selling strategy for this.

    So you know what, let's just wait 3 more days and we'll know for sure what Steve has in his mind.:D
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    Flash memory comes in powers of two (2,4,6,8,16,32 etc.) not 20GB...
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    If it looks anything like the phatPod design, people will laugh at it in the street.

    If it comes in anodized aluminium, people will confuse it with a Nano and wonder why Apple bothered to create an incredibly well branded product line and start bastardising different elements of it.

    20GB? This would be the iMovie ‘upgrade’ in iLife ’08 times a thousand. This much of a downgrade is beyond the scope of human stupidity.

    Cover Flow will be the default option — that is, if you're even able to turn it off. Besides, putting Cover Flow on an iPod with the same screen size as the current iPod range is just a waste and impractical to use.

    Ok, maybe WiFi, but (probably) not for the iTunes Store. Just a hunch.
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    with all due respect. and i mean, all due respect, that idea aint worth more then a velvet painting of a whale and a dolphin getting it on
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    I'm pretty sure we can trust Steve, er Apple, to "do the right thing" for the iPod product line. I mean they did make the iPhone after all, and even with all its flaws, it's still an amazing product. Besides, no matter what they do, the hype will be there for sure.
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    Well, if the dolphin has 3G, then…
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    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU like Mac OS X; en) AppleWebKit/420+ (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/3.0 Mobile/1C28 Safari/419.3)

    I have a feeling that those of you guys who think that the "fat pod" is a reality will need a reality check. You see, last time I checked Apple doesnt share form factors with the case manufacturers until after the product is announced, see at the very begiing of the 4th gen iPod launch when there were no cases available for weeks and months. In fact, there weren't even that many cases for the iPhone when it came out, and everyone had known what it had looked like since January! I think that some high up dude thought that the leaked photos were final and decided to get a head start on the case market for when it comes out and come out with a case before anyone else. Weak, basically means that that photo means notthing.

    I still think that Apple will put touch into an iPhone-esque design for the iPod, and not do anything to the Nano. If anything is done to the Nano, it'll just put a slightly more capacious version on the market, since the Nano is just basically the basic music player, and that's it. The iPod, which is more advanced and luxurious, will see touch, wireless, etc., along with wireless iTunes. The rest of the show will involve the Beatles (perfect beginning!) as well as discussing some new apps and features for the iPhone. Hopefully we'll get a 64-bit iTunes for Wincrap as well :)
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    I honestly think the iPod will have a touchscreen, and also WILL have a click-wheel. The way I see it, Apple will put a widescreen touch screen onto the iPod, and use the patent they filed a while back, where the click-wheel appears when the user's finger goes close to the screen. This way, they greatly improve the product, while maintaining the great click-wheel.
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    the leaded design is for the upcoming nano, not the regular ipod. will the new ipod have touch capability? i haven't the slightest clue. i really think apple could go either way on this one.
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    Not correct, you did not check very well. The day the iPhone went on sale, there were 3rd party cases for sale at the Apple Stores and the AT&T Stores. Those companies obviously were privy to the dimensions of the iPhone. CaseMate was one of those, the case fit like a glove.
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    I really hope Apple follows the lead of the iPhone's music navigation. Having a virtual click wheel doesn't seem nearly as intuitive as flicking up and down to find your music. Either way, we'll find out in 65 hours :D
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    The iPhone was announced 6 months prior to launch, no? If casemate had a case ready for it the day of the announcement, that'd be a more comparable comparison.
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    Exactly, Apple announced the iPhone before they released it, so companies like CaseMate already had the size of the iPhone and were able to make cases for it.
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    i disagree. if it is a click-wheel ipod than it wont have wi-fi. Using a click wheel for browsing itunes store (if it happens) or browsing web would be near impossible. There will be a touchscreen ipod and it will have wi-fi. :)
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    Is that really true? I ask because if this were true, then my 512MB shuffle would really be 512MB. Instead, it's something like 492.5MB, which almost equates to the "1MB = 1,000 KB" deal. I'm not sure if the OS is taking that much memory or not.

    Come to think of it, all of my flash media (a couple of Sony Memory sticks, my shuffle, and a 2GB thumbdrive), all follow the 1=1000 rule.

    But I could be mistaken ....
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    What about "the best iPod ever" qoute? It most certinaly would not be the best iPod ever in comparision the the iPhone, I am fairly sure that a touch screen iPod will come out, but I geuss we will all find out on september 5th.
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    Any storage device is created using base of 10. When a drive is formatted, however, the OS uses base of 2, hence why your 512MB, formatted, only had 492.5 available.

    Real basic explanation, I know, I'm just tired :p
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    I totally understand the base10 deal. That's what I was saying.

    The post that I was replying to stated that flash memory comes in base2, and saying that there would be no 20GB FlashPod.

    I was just stating that my shuffle wasn't based on base2.

    That's all. I think you missed the point of my post. No biggie.
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    I'd love a touch screen but I don't think it'll happen --- think of the friction! On the iPhone you have 4-8 GB of music, max. That's not that much so a few flicks are okay.

    But imagine having a scroll wheel (which works great for 30 GBs of music) on a touch screen...think of how much friction there'd be between your finger and the screen when scrolling that hard (like you scroll on the 5 G). Just using common sense...

    Also, if the new "wireless iTunes store" was brought to life for the new wifi-pod or whatever it'll be called, what if people saved their passwords on the iPod? And the iPod got lost? People lose iPods everyday probably (much more so than laptops because of their size). With a touch interface, the store would be hard to navigate (if the wireless iPod's version of iTunes resembles OS X iTunes.

    Just using logical, common sense. but well see...
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    ok again guys like i have posted in another thread, what exactly is stopping Apple from making a touch screen iPod when there are clearly PATENTS FILED for this exact device back in May and the iPhone already has a touch iPod Built in?http://gizmodo.com/gadgets/apple/next-gen-ipod-patent-has-touch-surface-on-back-259271.php And then even more, far superior patents filed in late Julyhttp://www.appleinsider.com/articles/06/07/20/inside_apples_latest_ipod_touch_screen_patent_filing.html Still doubting it?:cool::apple:
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    i can almost guarantee you that the phantom clickwheel method has been replaced by the flick/scroll motion. they probably pattened it, tested it among users/in house, and decided it was stupid to do it that way.

    its a crappy idea. besides, they are showing coverflow on the invite.
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    Or as unlikely as it sounds has anyone thought that we might see the iPod and iPod Nano merge into one product?
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    Right...I realize its kind of a different idea to have the touch screen on the back or whatever the only reason i pointed to these patents was to show everyone who didnt think the ipod would include some sort of touch screen that they have actually had patents for it months ago. Just pointing out that its not as big a stretch at people are making it out to be.

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