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I saw tons!!! of Powerbooks this weekend

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by vollspacken, Aug 12, 2003.

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    I just came back from this fantastic electronic open air festival/rave in eastern Germany (those of you who are from Europe know about those multi-day summer festivals ;) )

    o.k., I saw tons of great acts (both djs and live acts) during the night, was frying in the sun on the beach at Germany's biggest storage reservoir lake during the day, got pretty smashed and had GREAT! fun...

    BUT one of the coolest things was the fact that almost every computer on stage was either a 12" alu or a 15" titanium Powerbook!!! It's good to see that when performance and relieability matter, people seem to make the right choice...

    I knew that some of the artists were using Powerbooks but I did not expect such a massive display...

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    very cool, did you nab one for me?
  3. big
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    no sighting of the alum 15"?

    its turning out to be like loch ness...
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    Personally I find it more similar to "Hangar 18", as we know they exist on shelves right now, but are being kept from the public.
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    i've seen stuff about those rave's you have over there in Germany. sounds sswweeeettt!! :D

    now that i come to think of it... the place where i've seen the most powerbooks in one place would have to be in a Apple reseller. i guess that must be because we don't have that sort of massive multi-day rave's over here. :D
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    Naw, it's more like the Aurora spy plane.
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    Where do you think they park the thing? ;)

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