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i screwed something up

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Server, Xserve, and Networking' started by EvilC5, Dec 8, 2010.

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    so I will preface this by saying im no os x server expert by any means....

    i was trying to mount my external FW drive with nfs shares, and I created a group to to allow my accounts to share that nfs mount....didnt get it to work right so gave up for a few days.

    so tonight I installed mac fusion and had to reboot the server, now I cant get back in it. all of my passwords for my accounts dont work, I reset them with the install dvd, and same thing, then repaired the permissions and verified the disk and still the same thing....

    I really dont want to format and start over because I have about 300gb of my itunes library on that drive. I can probably recover from allot of it, but I would rather not if theres a solution im overlooking....

    I suppose I could try to edit the shadow file....but not sure where that will get me....:mad:

    please help..........
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    pulled hash, and have it working on another machine to crack the password....

    might have to create a new account in single user mode if I can remember how....ug, unix, if you dont use it, you lose it....
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    The server version of the 10.6.5 update was pulled and later replaced due to some problems with <apparently> Open Directory, among other things.

    I'm using the later version of the update with no problems.

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    now I have to figure out how to fix it so I can log in, and then re-patch....
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    installed os on hd2 in the mini and created same account and can now access my itunes data and its presently being copied to an external. i will just wipe everything and start over since i dont use my server for anything other than a HTPC.

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