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I think clowns are just as creepy as the next guy, but...

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by nbs2, Aug 14, 2007.

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    The guy can't use a bubble machine and can't use balloons? If there was one redeeming quality to these guys, it was the fun balloon shapes.

    Maybe it's the first world with the backward laws and customs...
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    I agree with the ban.

    Latex is nasty stuff and gloves made of it are banned at my university.

    As for the bubbles - yes the floor get very slippery and my son has a lumpy head to prove it.

    Ban it all , esp the clowns. They are very dangerous.
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    Assuming that it's your son in your tar, I'd say he looks ok - not lumpy at all. Maybe not as cute as my daughter, but that's ok. ;)

    You'd hear nary a peep out of me if clowns were banished to Banishland, but losing ballon because they are made of latex? I worry that we are on the slippery slope to banishing peanut butter from grocery stores because a kid may be allergic. I really hate trial lawyers.
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    I miss the childhoods of yore. For this reason and because of all the recalls I think we should stick to lincoln logs, tinker toys, and good ole imaginations to keep the kid entertained. ;)
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    If your kid is allergic to latex, you probably shouldn't take him to a clown show that is known for twisting balloons into fun shapes.
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    'Clown-o-phobia' must be stopped. They deserve to marry one another like everyone else without discrimination or derision.
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    This is just too much. We might as well ban kids leaving the home or going to a super market.
    My first kid is getting locked into a dungeon where nothing will cause him harm.;)
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    Lord Blackadder

    I've had the same thought run through my head often enough.
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    The post-1945-bozo-type clowns freak me out. I like the good old hobo/tramp-type clowns better. (In all their political incorrectness glory)
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    I personally like clowns with little feet that wear really big shoes. ;)
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    Would you buy a laughing stock? I would. A laughing stock would never be down!
  12. mpw

    I wonder if they have peanuts on their shelves or strawberries or latex gloves amongst their cleaning products. Obviously there's nothing that a child would be allergic to in the aisle with the toiletries either and all the bananas (sold by the kilo) will have had those dangerous skins removed under controlled conditions.

    Maybe the management need to take a break and relax in the in-store cafe with a nice warm (not hot) cup of black un-dairied coffee.:rolleyes:

    H&S and Political Correctness are the bane* of modern life!:mad:

    *other banes are available, although I tried to remove banes some banes may remain, this post was typed using hands that may have contained nuts.
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    Now you're talkin' my language. I've been afraid of clowns ever since I saw that scene in Poltergeist. You know the one. The only good clown is a dead clown.
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    There is milk coming out of my nose! Thanks for that.:eek:
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    ugh....i agree. the less clowns, the better. :p

    seriously, though...this is a bit insane. just steer your latex-sensitive child away from the clown....yeah? :confused:
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    Poor clown. Now all he has left in his act is the Lawn Dart™ Juggling.

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