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I Think I Prefer My iPad NAKED.

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by HappyDude20, Oct 15, 2010.

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    So, in this iPad Accessories forum i've been asking numerous questions regarding cases for typing, out and about and the like..

    For about a week now I switched from having my iPad wearing only an InvisibleShield Screen Protector & a Zagg LeatherSkin for it's back for back protection and a bit of grip while reading...

    Since then i've purchased the Apple Case and admit I enjoy two things about it; that it can act as a stand for me at my desk, or bathroom mantel (yep, I said it) when watching a movie...Also, perhaps the best feature of the Apple Case, the angle it can rest at allowing me to easily type..

    However, since getting the Apple Case I've noticed I've hardly taken the iPad outside the home.

    Why? - Most likely cause the Apple Case screams that I'm running around with an iPad, which I'm not a fan of. I kinda miss my Griffin Passport Elan case; of which I used to take out with me everywhere, placing my MBP @ my home desk all the time. (I'm currently at a friends house, on my MBP, typing this up before heading out the door.)

    I'm simply wondering (and wanting to poll) who has em' in cases and who has em' naked.. Yes, we can argue mine is not truly naked but ...you know.

    The Zagg LeatherSkin I had was the t*ts, 100% all the way....however the Griffin Passport Elan satisfied me in allowing me to take my iPad with me everywhere....but sucks at not having the typing angle, which I so much love.
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    I have mine in the Apple case nearly 100% of the time. It's been great. However I do agree with you that it does scream iPad wherever you go, so I've been trying to come up with a classy way to make it less obvious, but that's really just a minor issue of personal preference.
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    Heres the thing, if you have the iPad wifi, you usually going to keep in at home which I do so I don't need a case. Also depends if people have a carpeted home or tiled/wood.

    If you have a wifi iPad in a carpeted home. No need for a case.

    If you have a wifi iPad in a wooded/tiled floor home. Get a case.

    I have a tiled floor but use my iPad naked and have no cases for it. The Apple case makes holding the iPad uncomfortable because you have to flip the flap to the back and you can feel the sharp edges of the case.

    Also depends if you want to use a stand. Many cases come as a stand but remember you can always get a stand alone case with a naked iPad, which is what I do.

    The Griffin A-Stand is a really nice stand for the home.
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    I'm not hating on the Apple Case; it's been a great week..just noticed that I haven't been opening iBooks considering I really can't read while holding the Apple Case...without it i've been able to sit through 100 pages easily.

    I have a 2yr old at home which loves to watch Toy Story on the iPad. One day he grabbed the iPad and in an act of rage through the ipad violently to the (carpeted) floor. To my surprise, considering the iPad was naked, it was 100% fine.

    I love the Apple Case because of the typing angle, which I so very much love.

    I've been considering the Griffin A-Stand for a while..but just haven't bitten the bullet...iono. iono.


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    Ah actually it's called Griffin A-Frame. My bad.

    Yeah the price point of the Griffin A-Frame holds many back from buying it.

    But it looks really well made.
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    I hate all this decision making. As for the Griffin A-Frame, I get it for $20 @ work...and hold it like every other day..I don't know whats holding me back.

    since I created this thread I began looking at the DodoCase, which seems more and more appealing to me...I know there's a long thread about it and i'll probaly read it all by the end of tonight. It would allow me to carry my iPad around without any knowing about it, plus allow me to hold it naked when i'm at home and even out and about......except for the typing angle I so very much have loved from the Apple Case. :confused::D
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    I've had the smoke-colored Belkin Grip Vue on my iPad since I got it (Launch), and I haven't wanted any other case.

    I use the iPad at home most of the time.....this case provides a great grip, and allows me to put it down on a table without worrying that it will scratch the back. Also, when I put it down on a glass table it sticks to it, so it can't slide off and fall.

    I prefer using it with the Grip Vue as opposed to naked. And it looks good to boot.
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    Yes this case is really great, makes you feel less worried of your iPad getting damaged.
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    iPad's look great naked, but I really like having an integrated stand. So I am always in a case (go back and forth between a few just for variety).
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    I use my iPad primarily at home and have no case or shell on it. The shell I have for outings means the iPad won't fit in my docks. I prefer the grip on a naked iPad as well.
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    I finally settled on a clear Belkin Grip Vue after having gone through three other cases. I might have used it naked as I like it's design but wanted a little bump and scratch protection. Also naked it's a little slippery for me. The Grip Vue gives me a better grip and I can still see it.

    John B.
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    I tried..

    I tried to use my iPad without the Apple case, but I'm too afraid someone is going to spill something on it....
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    This apple case is def. going back.

    Sucks too cause that typing angle was sublime, however aside from it being a billboard advertising its own existence, I don't feel comfortable throwing this case from one side of a room to another to feel good about it not breaking...as opposed to my old case.

    Love live Apple Case, I shall miss your amazing typing angle.
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    I have had a case on my iPad since day one. The Apple case and then a long search until I landed on my favorites which are the Yoobao slims in both black and brown. I like a case for the typing stand and I also find the iPad without a case not grippy enough. I don't use a dock so my iPad is in a case pretty much all the time.

    I did keep the screen naked for around 3 months. At that time even after much babying and no events that I could think of - I saw a couple of very light surface scratches. So I went in search of a screen protector. I have the Power Support crystal clear and find it just like naked but better as it's protected. It is totally clear and has no difference in tactile feel when swiping and typing.
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    Wait, where's the option for I use my iPad naked, but always keep a case on it. ;) (Sorry, was that joke old back in May?)

    Seriously, however, I got a case within the first few days, and since then it has spent less than an hour out of it. Not only do I want to protect it (I have a 3G that I take most everywhere every day), but I also just prefer the feel of the case (Dodocase).

    I checked out someone else's Apple case and found I didn't like - mostly for aesthetic reasons. Nothing really wrong with it, just not what I was looking for.
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    Thought i'd mention that earlier tonight I purchased the cable that connects the iPad to a VGA connector to hook up a TV and realized that a case doesn't really work when wanting to connect it to my TV..or rather, the cable connector itself.

    I think i'm officially gonna go back to a semi-naked ipad, consisting of an InvisibleShield screen protector and a Zagg LEatherSkin for the back...either Alligator style or the Tan color...

    And use my Passport Elan from Griffin to carry it when out the door.

    I'm back Baby!:apple:

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