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I think my G5 finally bit the dust

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Portal83, Jun 13, 2009.

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    My original iMac G5 had been experiencing some weird freezing for a couple months but I think it's finally dead. Today it was freezing constantly and weird crazy lines covered the screen. Next time, I came back to it and the lines were back and the fan was going nuts. I turned it off and now it's really screwed up from boot.

    Is it safe to assume the thing's just been run into the ground and has now officially bit the dust?
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    Check your RAM. The same symptoms happened to me when I upgraded to a bad batch or RAM. Replacing the original working RAM fixed the problem until OWC sent me some new sticks.
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    try everything you can!
    1st: try resetting the pram by holding command+option+R+P when you turn it on.
    2nd.try safebooting by holding shift on startup
    3rd. try hitting it
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    My favorite choice!:D
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    It's not dead I'm sure probably just a hardware issue and a fresh reinstall will fix things right up. If I can keep a G4 working on bubblegum coat hangers duct tape and spit that's passing the 10 year mark I'm certain a G5 has a lot more life in it than that:D
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    Darn right! :apple:
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    Shake 'n' Bake

    Hardware isn't the OS. The OS is software and the computer itself is hardware.
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    Hehe, tried all 3 and switching the RAM but no change. At least my new MBP should get here Monday. I'll see if I can get far enough to wipe/reinstall but my superdrive hasn't worked much for about a year :)

    Maybe I'll just pop out the HDD but I think my backup's up to date.
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    no1 has mentioned this yet it could be the cause::

    if the screen is going all crazy and liney they it could be


    the GPU!!!!

    run the hardware test if you can!
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    But would the GPU cause the fan to go crazy? :confused:
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    not neccesarily
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    hardware test time! let us know...
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    You'd be surprised how a bad piece of ram or a fxxcked up PCI card can effect software over the course when the software is forced to operate under bad physical conditions and limitations that can lead to anomalies in the software's code, errors can build up over time.

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