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I think my iPod is doomed: I can't jailbreak it no matter what I try

Discussion in 'iPod touch Hacks' started by dschiller, Oct 28, 2007.

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    Hi all

    I got my iPod touch on Thursday and I spent the weekend using it normally. Today I decided to jailbreak it.

    I decided to try touchFree (via BootCamp on my Intel iMac) to jailbreak it, so I restored the iPod to the factory settings (recovery mode -> Recover using iTunes), installed FW3 and started the jailbreak process. After I completed Step 1 (access http://jailbreak.toc2rta.com/), I clicked on "Continue to Step 2", and then touchFree froze. I had to force quit it. After that, I restored the iPt and tried again. Same problem. I tried it at least 3 times and I just couldn't get it to work.

    I then resorted to iJailbreak. I downloaded the most current version (0.3) and started the process. I accessed the TIFF exploit website and after Safari had crashed, I told iJailbreak it should start doing its thing (I accepted its offer to install the iPhone apps). I then got this error message:


    I restored and tried iJailbreak a few more times, always getting the same error. I tried re-downloading the .zip file and using my mother's Mac Mini, again with no luck (same error message).

    What am I doing wrong? I really want to jailbreak my iPt, but it seems it just won't let me. :(Any ideas?
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    I would advise that you restore your iPod...then try again using iJailBreak if you have not tried that method yet.
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    As I said, I did that several times on two different Macs, always restoring before attempting the Jailbreak. Thoughts?:(
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    try this
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    It sounds like there are issues with the computer connecting to the iPod. Restore your iPod and try this:

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    OMG!! I can't believe! That worked flwalessly! Congratulations to the person that developed this jailbreak method!

    I'm stunned:eek:

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    how to jailbreak

    hi u dont know be but i saw ur cry out to the world(if that's what u wanna call it) but i felt sorry for u since i literally restored my ipod touch five times today after jailbrerak 1.1.1 so here is how you do it:


    IF not:
    -go to these websites...

    download both things (1st) click free then itll take u to a screen where something is loading and then u hav to type what they give u...do it.

    ***BTW u need something called WinZIP to extract files...(Download if needed)

    (2nd) its hard to see but there is something at the top that u have 2 type then wait 45 seconds on the next page to download)

    after all that is done open the "AutoDown" thing and open down which will download something to your ipod/iphone, which should be connected.
    ***Before this terminate everything with ipod or itunes in the name from Task Manager>Processes EXCEPT Apple Mobile Device

    so after the program is already downloaded into ur ipod/ iphone open itunes and hold Shift while you press Restore... then open up :"iPod1,1_1.1.1_3A110a_Restore"

    hit enter and it will restore back to 1.1.1

    *****START HERE IF YOU WHERE ALREADY IN 1.1.1 OR 1.1.1(3A100a)

    go to www.jailbreakme.com on your ipod/iphone and scroll down to install AppSnap
    it will exit out and start downloading something...thats good!

    when its done ur jailbroken:):
    ***Go to Installer and go down to sources to download Community sources 1st then its all yours!!!!

    if u hav any questions then my email is xdragonridahx@yahoo.com (i go on everyday)

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