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I think the MacBook is getting close to a redesign...

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by mr.stinki, Feb 24, 2008.

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    Look at this picture, what stands out the most?

    It seems to me that apple is over plastic, and is going to make a transition for the current macbooks into an aluminum design.

    Your thoughts?

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    did you just now realize this?
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    Doubt it. The MacBook is still a relatively new design for Apple...
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    I think that the air will get some more features soon, see a price drop and replace the macbook.....
    I would say at macworld 09
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    what? it looks just like a G3 ibook...
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    No, I just felt like posting it.
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    I'd rather have a plastic MacBook than an aluminum one. Plastic feels better, is more durable, and doesn't wear as easily. But, that's just my two cents.
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    Still, I think Apple will make it aluminium.
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    k, i do agree with you though, the macbook looks like a slightly updated ibook g3/g4

    possible, but apple will never remove the cddrive/dvd from their base model (and best selling) laptop not to mention expansion ports
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    Not really, there are differences.

    I see the similarities, but there's only so much you can do with a Notebook before it becomes say... a toilet seat...
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    ok it has a magnetic latch...and widescreen
    you mean like the clamshell ibooks :D
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    reading ur posts make me wait for the upgrade but my heart tells me to get one tomorrow..so i dont know what to do...wait or go for it..
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    :cool: You got it.

    Seriously though, I do think the MacBooks are visually a big step ahead of the iBooks. The proportions are all much better...
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    will montevina's X4500 be a big step forward in terms of graphics capabilities or not really?
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    well as my first post , I must say that i would like them to change to gunmetall or grey like this pic ive made.


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    ya i see them updating the design of the MBP before they do the macbooks, macbook design is still relativly new
  17. PDE
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    I like the design of the macbooks, but the plastic they use is ****. I've never seen plastic that scratches as easily as the white macbooks - just by breathing on it you'll get scratches. My girlfriend's macbook is never taken out of the house and sits mainly on a desk and it has scratches all over, most tiny micro scratches but still....

    I don't think the average PC laptop - even the cheapest - gets scratches this easy. it's time for a new material! Something that is suitable for a laptop! Duh. The design is nice (except the ridiculously sharp edges), but the materials need some change. Just my opinion.
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    I'd buy an aluminium MacBook right away, if there was one.
    I really thought there would be one before last christmas, but seems like I was wrong :)

    There's probably going to be a MBP update first. But if we get lucky Apple will update MBP and MB simultaneously .

    I'm most likely going to buy another MacBook soon anyway, but it would be fun if it was updated first.
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    not a chance, they will steal sales from each other
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    i doubt they will change the macbook design for a little while. They have the new keyboard in it, it had a major thickness difference from the ibook, the size for one is different as well. If anything, the Macbook Pro will get a redesign, it looks the same as powerbooks did 5 years ago.
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    Haha! Notice that the MBA is in the very center of all the rest? Talk about fame!
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    aluminum one day for sure, but the design team are quite small and they can only really do one major product at a time - i'd say there are other things at the front of the queue like the cinema displays, MBP and even the MP would probably be in line for a bit of a refresh (though i love the design and i'm keeping my MP case forever - when it's dead i'm building a PC out of the case!), not to mention any new products that apple are working on.

    We might even see the iPhone2 with a slightly different form factor
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    More durable and less environmental friendly. At least aluminium cases can be recycled, so that's more inline with Apple's kind-of trying to be environmental friendly

    Then again, don't see how aluminium is LESS durable than plastic...? Since when did plastic trump metal?
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    the plastic is "more" durable in the sense that it doesn't dent. i wouldn't call that more durable but thats what people mean generally when they say that.
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    It's settled, then...I'm keeping my Macbook when I get a Macbook Pro...*prefers the Macbook design*

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