i thinking of windows 8 or blackberry as 2nd phone

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by msarway, Nov 3, 2012.

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    ok i have the iphone 5 on VZ and very happy but i have a 2nd line on at&t and i dont want to close it so was thinking of getting a windows 8 phone or a bb i dont use it much its just a backup phone and just wondering what phone u would get btw i had the the samsung s3 and it was to big but nice but it did not cut it. i am open to any suggestions.
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    Windows Phone 8 is where it's at right now. RIM has yet to release BB10, their next big thing. The 920 and the 8X are both on ATT, both have their pros and cons. Both are a great option IMO.
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    My wife and I are getting WP8 phones later this year as well. I figure I need to show my support to help push developers to create apps for this budding ecosystem. My wife will be getting the HTC 8X and I will get Samsung ATIV Odyssey (since we are Verizon users). Looking forward to the new MS as they are making a lot of good decisions during their transformation.

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    Trust me, I have a blackberry now and you dont want to go back to that haha. Have a feeling if more people tried WP8 they would agree its right there with iOS for ease of use and smoothness. Dont think youll regret it.
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    I will definitely be checking out WP8 more closely when my employee's renewal comes up in December. Might give him my i5 and take the plunge - but what will be available on Verizon?
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    Verizon is going to have the HTC 8X and the Lumia 822 first. The Samsung Ativ Odyssey is supposed to be a bit later. I'm planning on getting the 8X later this month.
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    Get a WP8, don't get a blackberry, they're on their way out of business.
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    thanks to all which one should i go with the nokia or htc i havent seen either in person but i did see the nokia has a great map program will the htc have the same i use mapping a lot.
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    If using satnav is your thing, a Nokia with Nokia maps won't be beaten.

    Definitely making the choice going WP8 over BlackBerry too IMO.
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    +1.....With 5,000 jobs set to be cut at RIM (30 per cent of its work force), and shares dropping by 70 percent in the last 12 months, it looks like BlackBerry has little choice other than to tie or die. ;)
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    I actually over heard an executive of a large energy company that was shopping at my work talking to someone on the phone about how he was going to move his company away from BlackBerry dependency because they were on the way out. I kindly suggested he move to iPhone :D

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