I thought It Was About The Details?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by eclipse525, Sep 18, 2003.

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    So, Apple is gonna start shipping the Bluetooth Wirless Keyboard/Mouse. Which take AA batteries. Oh and the mouse is still a one button mouse.

    My Questions:

    1) Why aren't these devices rechargable on some sort of rechargable cradle?

    2) Why in God's name didn't Apple in corporate 2-3 buttons w/ a scroll wheel.

    Didn't Steve-O's NeXT system have 2 button mouse? I just don't get it. Most people in production will tell you how useful that can be.

    I'm sure this has been address but with the announcement of the Keyboard and Mouse, I thought I'd rehash it.

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    Those look like a gaping hole and a continuing opportunity for third party vendors.

    The one button mouse was interesting back in 1984 but with the rest of the world using mostly 2 and 3 buttons on theirs, it seems pretty useless.

    As far as the batteries go, maybe Apple made a deal with AA manufacturers.
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    Personally, I have nothing against the one button mouse - it's an Apple thang (at least for now).

    But are the keyboard/mouse batteries really consumer/disposable ones?

    I, for one, would like Apple to pioneer or at least respect environmental issues. Re-chargable *is* Apple, throw-a-way Duracells is not.

    Tell me I am wrong.
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    if you really want to re-hash this, i recommend you peruse the thread when the kb and mouse were introduced on tuesday... i think there's some 13 pages or so of people arguing back and forth about all of this.

    pretty entertaining, if it wasn't just so sad.

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    I read an interesting perspective on why Apple is keeping to one-button.

    1) Leaves the market open to third-parties

    2) Continues to force application developers to be consistent.

    I think I read it on As the Apple Turns
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    I think there is a certain logic to it.

    Let's face it, what people look for in mice is very subjective, some like 'em big, some like 'em small, 3 buttons, or a dozen, wired, or wireless etc..etc.. For instance, I'm probably the only one who really liked the 'puck', its small size meant I could keep my hand stationary, and just move the mouse about using my fingers, plus the wide button meant I didn't have to strain my hand to keep my finger on it. It remains the least RSI-inducing mouse I've ever used - in contrast to some horrible 'ergonomic' mice from Microsoft and Kensington!

    Anyhow, the thing is, Apple could never release a mouse to please everyone. It makes sense to include a 'basic' mouse which is enough for many; and let the 3rd party market provide the myriad choice of mice that Apple on it's own never could!

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    Leaving it open to Third party developers is a good arguement but then Dell, HP,Sony all ship their Systems with 2-3 button mice and wheel. Yet, there are still developers for them and they all are doing pretty darn good.

    I agree that Size, Shape and feel are all subjective BUT if you've really ever used a 2-3 button mouse with wheel for a short while and then go back to a single button, you'll get it. If you've never used a 2-3 button w/wheel then you won't. In fact you can't use an App like MAYA with a single button. It's crucial to have those extra buttons.

    Oh yeah...the trackBall is TOTALLY subjective. :D

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    Ah yes, but the PC marketshare is 95% or more. Even a small piece of that pie for 3rd party manufacturers is better than a big slice of the Mac mice market.

    Personally I already have a 5 button mouse (with wheel) alongside my Mac mouse. I generally find the Apple mice to be very ergonomic, and 3rd party mice (especially, those with many buttons) to be massively oversized. My Kensington mouse is horrible, it slopes down to the sides, so it's very difficult to pick up, and I do, I inevitably hit one of the buttons on the sides. Grr..

    Of course, having said all that, I would like to see the multi-button mouse that Apple would design - especially if it included that horizontal scroll wheel they've patented!

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    They use standard AA batteries. Every major battery manufacturer now makes rechargeable batteries, and you don't even have to go to an electronics store to get them - your local drugstore should have them, as well as the chargers. Personally, I prefer the convenience of being able to buy my own standard rechargeable AA batteries from a 3rd party rather than some expensive propietary battery. Or even worse, having to charge it from a cradle. I say hooray Apple for an eminently reasonable design decision. Oh, and by the way, most of the rechargeable batteries are much higher capacity, so if the mouse is supposed to last for 4 months with standard batteries, I'm sure it would probably last a year with the highest-capacity rechargeables.
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    They have high capacity rechargbles. They go as high as 2300mAh for the moment and that's pretty darn good. I have them for my digital camera and they last pretty long. The only problems is that they are VERY hard to come by, BUT I did find them and I'll share the site. That's just the kinda guy I am. :D


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    personally, i love the mouse design...
    the asthetics are great and it's comfortable. and i'm used to cmd clicking, it makes sense.
    i just think that on the side where the little arch shaped piece of acrylic is should be like a touch scroll-wheel, that would be sweet. That's my only complaint, no scroll wheel....

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