I want buy ipod touch but ...

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by The Sad Lover, Oct 7, 2007.

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    hi all ;)

    I want buy ipod touch by this web sit http://www.macconnection.com

    anybody buy anything by this sit ?:confused:

    and is this web sit OK like amazon or not :confused:

    thanks :eek:
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    i dont have experience with it. why not get it from the apple store or best buy or something?
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    I don't see what you don't get it from the Apple Store, it'll only cost another $5 and it'll come quicker ;).
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    I live in Saudi Arabia

    and i will buy ipod touch by the internet

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    in Saudi Arabia we don't have apple store

    and it doesn't come (ipod touch ) , if it coming it will more expensive :mad:
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    well both apple and bestbuy have online stores you can order from and they will ship. unless for some reason you want to use that site exclusively then i dont know how good it is

    edit: just saw your next post. i dont know the charges so maybe im not the best person to ask
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    They are a reputable web site. They have been around for years.
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    thanks people

    but in this web site macconnection.com

    no tax and free shoping
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    I think that is only for US customers. If you google "apple saudi arabia" there appears to be a store in Jeddah... I'm sure you can get an iPod somewhere else though.
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    i know apple store in Jeddah but ipod touch it's not come yet and if it coming it will more expensive

    i have p.o Box in USA by Aramex
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    Then get it from the website you gave, rdowns said that they were good.
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    Eraserhead - thanks

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