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Desktop I want that wallpaper (wallpaper shown on apple.com)

Discussion in 'UI Customization' started by whand, Dec 6, 2012.

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    Hey guys, I've just got the new 2012 iMac and I'm loving it, but I really want to see if anyone knows where I can find the wallpaper they show on the iMac when its on the website. I've looked around but can't find it, any ideas? :confused:

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    I had a 2012 MBA and I am almost positive its a Mountain Lion Wallpaper as I know I recall having it.
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    I don't think it is, I have been using Mountain Lion since it was released and I've never seen that wallpaper before. :(
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    I'm pretty sure this is in the National Geographic screensaver set of wallpaper / images.

    You can easily check by setting your screensaver to Nat Geo, then watch as the images go through. 99% certain it's in there.
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    I navigated to [Macintosh HD] > System > Library > Frameworks > Screensaver.framework > Versions > A > Resources > Default Collections and found the nat geo images but no luck :( Are you sure you saw them in there? It seems so frustrating that Apple would use that image in their marketing but not let people have access to it! Someone must know where this holy image is!

    BTW, some of the images in Default Collections are really good, but not... holy :apple: :confused:
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    I checked and your right...There are similar images in there but not the one in your original post.....I'm afraid that was my best shot..:)
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    Thanks for the suggestion :) Apple really are frustrating sometimes! :mad:
  8. mihai.ile, Dec 7, 2012
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    This is the best I could find for you, I uploaded to my dropbox folder.
    I hope the quality/resolution is good enough because I can't get a version better than this.

    EDIT: now the URL finally works
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    Thank you!! Finally found it! What did you type in or search for (name, term, whatever) to get hold of this image. Its just that bit small for my desktop which is 1920x1080. Thank you for finally finding it though!! :D
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    you do not find it like that, you need to search by images, not search terms ;)
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    Okay, well do you know where I can get a hi resolution image then?
  12. mihai.ile, Dec 7, 2012
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    This is the largest I could find on the internet unfortunately...
    Maybe with some time someone can provide a larger version though...

    P.S: the image seems to have not that bad quality so resizing it with a good software might work just fine, something like this:

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    Okay, thank you :)
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    U guys know any really nice "zen" or "katana" wallpapers?
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    Yes and no. They are shipped with Mountain Lion but not as wallpapers, instead as a part of Screensaver (National Geographic)
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    see if this works, sized for a 27" screen...

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    It looks good but...

    It feels kind of shrunk together in the middle area? or am I wrong? Did you just expand it or how did you get the higher res one? the middle part of the flower dont look as much stretched out in your 27" version which is the one im using now...

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    you're right, in comparison the picture i posted does have a shrunken look to it. i used Apple Preview to "Scale Proportionally" the picture. here's another try at it without scaling it proportionally... :)

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    I hate to be the one to complain lol, you did an awesome job with the first one. This one is better as its not as stretched but its less clear than your first attempt :/ especially if you look in the middle section of the flower on the second picture you will see its much more "blurry" and pixalated than the first one... damn where's the original?! :)
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    i agree, where's the original? :eek:
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    Anyone knows where to get this?
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    here it is...

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    Seriously Apple!!! give us the original flower wallpaper!!!!!!!!!

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