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I want to buy a G4, but which one?!

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by MST, Dec 15, 2007.

  1. MST
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    Since I purchased my SR MacBook I've had this crazy idea to replace my old Dell 8400 with a half-decent Power Mac G4, I've loved the G4s ever since I first laid eyes on them and can't think of a better workhorse to compliment the new notebook.

    The problem I've got is that there are so many different G4 models around that I haven't a clue what to look for or where to look, it would primarily be used for web surfing, downloading, DVD authoring and encoding and to play video files. I've been scouring eBay for few days now mostly looking at QuickSilvers; the way I see it the later the model the better but the system's cosmetic condition is also quite important to me. There seem to be plenty of sellers offering refurbished G4s but I'd really like something that's been well looked after and cared for, obviously systems in good condition will attract a premium but I don't want to break the bank either :p

    Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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    A Power Mac G4 is fine until you hit those two. A used Mac mini would circles around a Power Mac G4 for about the same price if not less in some cases.

    My preferences are the Quicksilver 2002 or Mirrored Drive Door. Are you planning on running Leopard on this machine?
  3. MST
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    I would like to run Leopard if at all possible, it's more than likely that I'll upgrade the HDD and RAM anyway, but the processor speed is a worry; most of the G4s I've seen for sale have been the early 733MHz models, I certainly don't want to look at anything pre-2001.

    Out of curiosity what do you think to this: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Apple-G4-Powe...ihZ002QQcategoryZ4607QQtcZphotoQQcmdZViewItem

    P.S. I'm in the UK if you hadn't already guessed, I must update my profile.
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    try out a BRAND NEW mac mini, if you want power, you can go for the $800 version, if you want the cheapest, there is the $600 one, they are both good, you would want an intel processor, trust me, you really would, you can also save space, its a much better deal!! or if the used g4's you are looking at are in the early $1000 range, you can shot for a 20 inch imac, the 24 inch imac starts at $1700, and what i can tell, you are having a limited budget, so shoot for a 20 inch imac ;) that will be much better than a g4 powermac, and a mac mini would be about the same, but let me repeat, GET AN INTEL PROCESSOR MAC!! it is very essential, and much more superior to the PPC's!!!! you can also see a used white 17 inch imac (intel), or used white 20 inch imac, or even used alu 20 inch imac!!!! im going on apple.com to check out what they have

    here is their list of refurbished macs

    refurbished 24 inch imac, 2.16GHZ processor, 1 gig ram, 250GB HD, $1,399
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    A refurbished Mac mini would be a lot better.
  6. MST
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    I can see where you guys are coming from with the Mac Mini, but you cannot deny that the G4 in all its bubble-like goodness looks damn sexy! (or maybe it's just me :confused:)
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    are you sure? a new mac mini for just $300 bucks more will be AWESOME compared to that g4, an imac for a $1000 more? well i can see where you're going, but the that imac is a pretty good deal, he can upgrade the ram from crucial cheap, the HD is pretty big (250GB), though that processor is still very good, apple sells macs that have 2ghz processors still

    it is, get a new alu 24 inch imac, if you are going to want to wake up in the middle of that night to see it, but i know you cant afford that by the look of your budget, but look at that refurbished white imac, it looks very good, and will complement your macbook, that is if you bought the white one. but if you go mini, try not to go for a refurb, i would recommend a new one for just $50 bucks more , let us know when you've made your decision!
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    Put a Mac mini into the Power Mac G4 case. You might need some work for the optical drive though. :p
  9. MST
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    The thought had just crossed my mind, thinking about it the Mini with an Intel processor is the logical choice, I've just checked the UK refurb store and the 2GHz model is only £70 less than if I were to buy it brand new, though I have just found one for £419.99 on eBay :)

    It's got me seriously thinking about an iMac though, I'd still need to by a monitor etc so the iMac looks to be a pretty good deal!
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    A monitor shouldn't be that hard to come by.
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    number one, i wouldnt buy mac mini and buy a powermac g4, and put the mac mini in it, too complicated, plus the mac mini uses notebook ram. what i meant is that i would buy a BRAND NEW mac mini for $300 more than a used powermac g4, that was what he shows us in that ebay link.

    there is one of the NEW mac mini's on apple's refurb store, its the newest one with the core 2 duo, you can get the same one, brand new and everything, for $20 more, i would pay that much more just for a new one, so thats what im saying, either a new mac mini from macmall or apple (macmall is cheaper), or, im guessing that white 24 inch imac is too expensive for his budget, he can get a refurbed imac off macmall, but currently, there isnt any :(
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    You know this is in the UK, right?

    8 minutes for a post, ouch.
  13. MST
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    True I am in the UK, but I will be in the US in the next 6 months or so and after checking macmall.com and the current exchange rate I would save over $200 on a brand new top of the range Mini :eek:

    If I thought I could get away with not paying import duty I would consider ordering, but on something so high in value I wouldn't risk it.
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    That's something to take into consideration as well. You're not the first traveling to the US on this message board. :D

    I'd get rid of the box before you go back and try to pass it off as a "portable" computer. :rolleyes:
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    so u are shooting for a brand new mac mini?if so, good choice!!
  16. MST
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    I came wanting a G4 but now I don't see the sense in it, yes they look good, but why spend so much on something so old only to spend even more money upgrading it, it doesn't make any sense! I think a brand new Mac Mini from the US with a nice Apple display is in order, although an iMac isn't completely off the cards!

    Thanks for talking me round guys ;)
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    Is there really a need for an Apple display?

    Even with my education discount they're a little painful to buy.
  18. MST
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    Possibly not, I know there are displays that are as good if not better out there but it was the first think that sprang to mind, having used a 15" CRT for so long most of the new flat panel displays on the market would satisfy my needs.
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    what do you mean 8 minutes for a post??:confused:

    it isnt? well, mac mini is a good choice, but for a longer lasting computer, with power that wont go out of date easily, then maybe you should check out an imac, the new mac mini compared to the white imac, is very little difference, new mac mini compared to new imac, huge difference, but the price is considerably higher

    20 inch would be a superb upgrade from that 15 inch, i have my self a 24 inch imac (in sig), the screen is just getting smaller:rolleyes:, so be aware, at first, the screen will be like heaven real estate for your apps, but you'll find yourself using spaces ALOT.
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    I would never get the mini Mainly because it's difficult to upgrade even the Ram you have to disassemble nearly the whole thing.
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    It's not that hard if you know how to use a screwdriver and putty knife.
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    If you really wanted to, you could get the G4, but decoding video would be tough.

    Whatever you decide, please don't buy an Apple display. They are seriously overpriced and many other brands are MUCH better.
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    I'd go with an iMac.
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    I think it's the ugliest mac since 1995.
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    awww it is bubbly and cute! I liked the design anyway :)

    I think an imac is your best choice. Mainly because it's a screen and pretty good power all in one. You can already grab a aluminum refurb if you want. A 20 inch maybe enough for you but the 24s are nice. :)

    However, a mini packs a nice punch and does allow you to switch out your monitor and be choosier with it so that could be nice too. Not to mention, a mini would be pretty easy to bring into the UK. Stick it in a case, say you traveled with it (I could see people making a trip if they didn't have a laptop and bringing a computer the size of a mini with them to use at a relatives or something you know) and save a bit of dough.

    Either way you will be happy. :)

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