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I want to play Diablo II again...

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by Captain Planet, Apr 21, 2007.

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    Captain Planet

    Too bad I have the version 1.0 disk of the game. I'd need to get the Battle Chest I suppose...the game is compatible with Macs now is it?
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    always has been compatible with Macs. but its not a Universal if your running on an intel mac so you might have some issues if you don't have enough RAM. most of the disks were hybrid and both installers on it. so double check em. there is an OS X installer on Blizzard's site too.
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    Captain Planet

    No, my disk isn't...It's version 1.0. I bought the game in the first week it came out...some years back. I also got the expansion, when it first came out, version 1.07. The expansion might be compatible...but Diablo II itself isn't...I tried installing it but it does like any windows games I would try installing.
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    the expansion should be. so you could probably find a used copy of D2 online somewhere pretty good if you don't want to get the whole battle chest.
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    Captain Planet

    Now that I think about it...I might get my old PC back up and hook it up with D2, but also get another Battle Chest to play it on my Mac. Not sure I will but it would be kind of fun...having two CD key. Could rush myself and other useful things like that.
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    Captain Planet

    Oh but one thing I forgot to ask, does it play well on Macs? I've heard it had some problems and wasn't a whole lot of fun playing this on a Mac compared to PC...I am just talking non sense or is there really some issues with D2 on Macs?
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    I started playing D2 a couple months ago in hopes that I could find some other people online who actually wanted to play through the game.... it was hopeless. Nobody appreciates that game anymore. "Rush me here, rush me there"...... why are people in so much of a hurry these days?
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    i've never had an issue playing it on my iMac or powerbook.
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    Captain Planet

    I'm guessing the servers lag though...can't do much about that.
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    That and all that hacking drove me away from the game.

    If I could find a bunch of people to play with I'd consider playing again.
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    There were issues with the game running slow in hardware mode (ironically) compared to software mode, but that was fixed ages ago (10.3.6 or 10.3.7, I forget). The only problem currently is that hardware acceleration doesn't work in full-screen mode on Intel Macs.

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    Captain Planet

    Oh and I would only need Diablo II Mac version...my Expansion disk is compatible with Macs. So I don't need to buy a Battle Chest...but I still need to get a copy of D2. Darn it...
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    I recently reinstalled Diablo II on my PC, but haven't had a chance to really play it..
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    I used to play D2 so much, but it has been a while... one of my all time favorites... what do you mean by hacking?
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    Hacking probably meaning the dupes and PvP hacks?
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    I keep an old OS9 G4 laptop set up so that I can play that game, use old utilities like SoundEdit and Hypercard. Most Retro!

    Diablo is such a nice mindless casual game.

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    Lord Blackadder

    I recently picked up a new copy of the Diablo II + expansion pack (not the battle chest) for about $25...

    I never play online because of the cheating, but after a few weeks I'm up to level 40 with a paladin and level 30ish with a meleemancer (this has to be one of the tougher builds, but it's fun).

    The game runs fine on my PowerMac G4 and Tiger, not sure if there are issues on the Intel Macs.
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    Yep. D2 is littered with dupes, hacks and botting. It was great to play online when first released.
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    I swear you could download an install application from Blizzard that would install the game in OSX using the PC only disc (the installer had all the executable files, and the game resources them selves can be reused from PC to OSX). I also had an old version of D2 and remembered installing it onto my Mac at some point using a method like that.

    As a side note, I liked Diablo 1 better than 2... I know I'm in the minority on that but there it is.
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    Lord Blackadder

    Never played D1 myself; a friend of mine was into it but by the time I was introduced to the game D2 was out and that was that...
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    For what it's worth, I agree. Minority++. :)

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    Captain Planet

    Really? That'd be great...I wouldn't need to buy another copy of the game.
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    I just bought Diablo 2 +expansion and Warcraft3 +expansion with a gift voucher I received a couple months back. The ironic thing is that I already own all these titles but sadly most of the disks just died. At least I have more CD keys now so my brother and I can play battle.net together.

    The only problem I have is that I can't find a small image to satrt D2 anywhere online. I have one for WC3 but not D2, is there any way I can make one with my disk (which i OWN)
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    I'm confused as to what you are asking... :confused:

    Why do you need an online source to start D2?
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    You probably have a PC-only disc. Some of the very first printings of the Diablo II and Starcraft discs were the PC-only code. They're rather rare though.

    On an off note, have you ever seen the episode of Robot Chicken with Captain Planet? :D :D :D

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