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I will not be naked anymore!!!

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Cybergypsy, Feb 16, 2008.

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    Came across these cool sleeves for the Air, I kinda like the leopard, But if its nots your inner self they have many more..... here
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    Clix Pix

    Now THAT's an eye-catching subject line if ever I saw one! :D
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    yea, but the sleeve is cool too......me like :)
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    John Jacob

    My comments...

    If you're a chick, awww why not?
    If you're a dude, thanks a lot for finally covering up!

    If you're a Macbook Air, actually I think naked is pretty cool. Will certainly turn more heads and get you more attention.
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    These are pretty cool, as well.
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    Not interested in that Airmail anymore? Maybe I'll just double bag my MBA. Can't have too much protection, right?

    I'm glad you found something you like though
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    I still want the airmail....if you dont
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    We shall see. I'm still (im)patiently waiting for any of these cases to arrive.

    I'm using my Dell laptop case for my work computer. Except I'm putting the MBA in the top half where files and papers are supposed to go instead of the base where the Dell laptop fits. I don't want it flopping around in there too much.:cool:
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    TeeRex52's wife, the one who wanted your MacBook is the one making these
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    Love the color and the texture.......
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    Sun Baked

    Got caught running out in the cold without a sock on it .... or was it sunburn?
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    Yeah and they are quite good if I do say so myself. She's sold quite a few:)
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    I think its awesome......and love the colors:)
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    i like the thread title, it attracts people
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    I fell for the oldest trick in the book too... Great thread name!
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    Yes, she will make any color you want:D
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    Can she make a black one?! I need something while I'm waiting for the other cases/covers/whatever I've ordered to come in.
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    sure......PM him^^^^^
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    Yes, any color she has fabric for

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