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I will not buy another Mac until...

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by amin, Oct 25, 2005.

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    Apple provides a solution for the freeze problem affecting so many single G5 1.8 users (see www.G5freeze.com). I know there have been a few threads about this, but it isn't getting anywhere near the attention it should. Apple has recently acknowledged this problem, but that's not good enough. It is taking ridiculously long. With the time it has taken to address this, these affected folks should have had replacements with the next model up. That would be good support.

    For the record, I do not have an affected device. Within my family, we have three G4 Powerbooks and a G5 PM not affected by this issue. Nevertheless, it could have been us.

    I can't believe a suit has been filed over iPods scratching while these customers who have spent more and have a more legitimate problem sit and wait.
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    You mean OS X 10.4.3? It has been stated by Apple that they had been working on fixing this issue for .3, they have also said the current developers version of .3 has zero bugs. If 10.4.3 doesn't fix it I'd be amazed, and if I owned a G5 1.8 SP rather pissed.

    As for Apple replacing the SPs with the next model up, that was never going to happen. I bet Apple didn't even admit there was a problem until they had a fix. Apple are in the business of keeping share holders happy, nothing more.
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    Ryan T.

    Is this supposed to help the freeze issues single 1.6 users are having as well? I'm assuming they're related, but just not getting much attention because there's so many fewer 1.6's, and I don't think they are affected as badly.

    Edit: Hmm, perhaps this is a bigger issue. I do know many of the RevA SP G5's have occasional freezing issues. I myself have had infrequent trounle with freezing, but it's there.
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    Call me naive, but I think of Apple as having good customer service in general. I was truly surprised to see a large group of customers treated so poorly by Apple. This situation ought to have an impact on our decision to buy more Apple products. For example, I am much less likely to buy a Rev A. Intel Mac. It's not hard to imagine floating out there unsupported with 10.5.2 freezing on one of those while the Rev B folks are sitting pretty. I think the current frozen G5 customers deserve compensation since their reasonable needs were not met within a reasonable time period.

    Either way, I think that if we all understood exactly how badly Apple behaved on this one, our buying habits would be moved in a way that would not please shareholders.
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    wow.. i guess i am lucky that my 1.6 isn't THAT buggy. however, that still doesn't fix the damn thing's picky ram issue!
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    Ryan T.

    SO glad to hear another 1.6 user say this. Mine will basically not accept any RAM unless it's all perfectly matched Crucial.
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    I have this version (1.8GHZ) and I am not to happy with sleeping it every 2 hours.
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    G5Unit, I would be much more upset than you sound if I were in your shoes. This really is ridiculous. We have a 1.6GHz G5 that is picky with RAM, but that to me is within the expected range of issues one faces when buying a new computer. Choosing between recurrent freezing and avoiding 10.4? That's unacceptable.
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    same here.. i had to eventually take out the stock ram and just use the extra gig i bought from crucial. so frustrating!!
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    Ryan T.

    exactly what I did. I'm thinking about buying another 2 512MB though, it's really not quite enough.
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    Picky with RAM? My G5 1.6 (which I recently sold and got an iBook) took generic cheapo Newegg RAM just fine. Though I must admit it was Wintec RAM and I did do a tad bit of research to find out that Wintec gets its RAM chips from Samsung (just like Apple)... Point is is I paid a lot less than I would have on Crucial. I'd recommend Wintec if it's consistently this cheap.
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    Ryan T.

    My problem came when I try to mix RAM types. It's fine if it's just one brand of RAM. But if I mix PNY and Crucial for instance, it'll freeze at least once a day.
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    10.4.3 apparently does not address this issue. I think the affected customers should sue for compensation.
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    They shouldn't sue. This can be fixed through a simple security or a special update. The Nano issues( which I think is stupid) and the battery issues are more of a valid reason to sue. You can't upgrade the software of the iPod to gain 4 or more hours of battery life and you can't upgrade the software to fix scratches. Just put on some big pressure on apple, but do not sue, and apple will follow through. And stop to think, if apple had the fix, wouldn't they already have fixed it? Maybe they can't find the source of the freezing.
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    I disagree. People should know that plastic scratches and batteries die. They should not have to deal with an expensive computer crashing daily for more than six consecutive months, regardless of whether the problem can theoretically be addressed with software. Apple should pay for not dealing with this sooner as a priority. If Apple couldn't find the source, they should have replaced the computers a long time ago with G5s that don't freeze. At this point, affected customers should be reimbursed for lost productivity.
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    Yeap, refund the monies paid for the craputers, compensate for "mental anguish" and "lost productivity" as well as a share of company profits from the PM G5 :D

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