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I Wish Apple Had a Trade-In Program

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by nylon, May 23, 2005.

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    I recently purchased my first Mac ever, a iMac G5. Granted it's actually a computer for my Mum but I find using it a blast and she prefers it immensely.

    I personally have a Dimension 8400 with and X800XT running a P4 @ 3.0Ghz. Additionally there is a Dimension 4600 in the home offce. If Apple had a trade in program for PC users offering a good discount I would switch both computers to a Mac in a second. Unfortunately there is no way that I am going to replace my desktops for a couple of years.

    Now I know I could sell these machines on Ebay and recoup some $ but it would be a lot easier for me to take my machine to an Apple store and walk out with a Mac.

    I think there are a lot of PC users out there to whom Mac's appeal to a great deal but it requires a significant re-investment in hardware and software licenses.

    I think it would make sense for Apple to offer such a program even for a limited period of time to guage response from willing switcher's.
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    I think you're just too lazy.
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    Come on Lacero Obregon, the guy DID buy a Mac for his Mums; let's give him some props!

    I don't know PC's too well. Couldn't you sell those two on eBay and pick up a Mac Mini?

    Better yet: use your local craig'slist.org and sell them locally: but keep a monitor, keyboard and mouse to use with the Mini.

    Also, what would Apple do with old reject PC's? :confused:
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    Even if Apple did have a trade-in program, they wouldn't be able to afford to give a decent trade-in value because of the costs associated for them to dispose of the old PC equipment. Look at CompUSA's pathetic trade-in values if you want to see an example. Then you'd have people complaining about how cheap Apple was since they weren't giving much money for PCs traded in. Therefore it would be a no win situation for Apple to offer such a trade-in program.
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    I see what your are saying and I know that PC's don't retain their value well. However, I do believe that Apple would like to increase their market share to greater than %2.4. Sometimes a company needs to make a little sacrifice for their long-term health. We all know Apple has had experience with missing the boat in the past and it has cost them dearly. Here they are right now, riding an amazing wave of popularity and ingenuinty something they need to be able to capitalize to sell more computers. Despite the release of the Mac Mini, recent reports suggest that they are just not making a significant dent in increasing their computer sales.

    Additionally, the psychology of trade-in program is in to provide an incentive. Those people that potentially would claim that Apple is not offering a significant amount of incentive clearly would be those that do not find the switch appealing enough. However, those people that do find the Mac appealing would obviously be willing to make a certain sacrifice themselves to make the switch. That's exactly to whom such a program would appeal to.
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    I don't entirely disagree with you, but seeing as how Apple is currently a highly profitable and successful company, they really don't need to invest in a money losing venture like that to gain a little market share at this time anyway. I personally think the money would be much better spent on a new television/media campaign advertising Macs and OS X than it would be on buying traded-in PCs. Rumor is that one is coming this summer, so I guess we'll see.
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    why would apple take another brand's computer and give you money for it? doesn't make sense. maybe if you could trade in your old mac for some cash towards a new computer....
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    Hey, yeah, it would be just like buying a car from a car dealer...bring in the old one, trade it in...buy the new one!.....Oh wait. Apple stores don't sell used computers, and especially not used PCs. Darn!!

    They need all the space they can get for software so all the PC lunkheads who happened to visit can stare in awe as they notice that Macs do indeed have software.

    Anyhow, I think your plan is very much unworkable. It is hard enough to GIVE away old computer gear. Imagine the trouble of having to PAY to dispose of piles of old monitors, keyboards, and computer cases. Apple would have to build a stock room in every store just for storing piles of old junk until a truck each week picked it all up...at Apple's expense. And since Apple doesn't sell used computers, what would they do with the ones that DO have value, like yours? Give you money for the trade in and then.....let that money eat their entire profit on the new Mac and then some. Hmmm. Sounds like a very poor business model.

    If you want a Mac (and you should), suck it up and put your machine on ebay (part it out for higher resale value--the video card separate from the machine for example). Take the total sales, and buy you a Mac on ebay to save some dough. Or buy new. You seem like the type that would only be satisfied with a tower, so a now discontinued dual 1.8 Ghz at $1700 US new would be a good deal.

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